Everything You Need to Know About a Life Coaching Business

You're wondering, "Why would I want to run a life coaching business?" right? Lots of reasons. The Benefits of a Life Coaching Business A life coaching business is the ultimate self-improvement journey… you can't really master something until you've coached someone else on mastering it.  When you're a life coach, you'll have to walk your talk, and your clients know the difference if you don't.  Running your own life coaching business is a great reason to have a great life and be … [Read more...]

Free Coach Training while on a ski vacation with my daughter

  I just got back from a free coach training seminar, although it was really billed as a ski trip with my daughter. She just turned 7, and although we went on a few trips when she was 4 and again 5…she is now she is a head taller. She has longer arms and legs, and a 20% increase in height and weight. Technically speaking, she is working with a new set of tools. So how is skiing like a free coach training? Because it reminds me that we are coaches 24/7. And going on this ski trip paralleled … [Read more...]