Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors: How Your Coaching Career Can Help Managers & Supervisors

Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors? What if supervisors really did take on the role of being the coach? What kind of results would they get? I wish some of my previous employers had a mandatory coaching skills program for management. This sounds like a great niche for a coaching career. What would it be like if you taught career coaching skills for supervisors? Imagine the difference you could make in a company and the effect on your coaching career. Let’s Take a Look at Some of The … [Read more...]

What Your Career Coaching Business Needs Most (Hint: It’s What Most Career Coach Training Courses Fail to Provide)

Most people don’t start a career coaching business because they want to be rich, but the truth is less than 10% of coaches make more than $100K per year. If you are making less than that and wondering what you are doing wrong, believe me, it’s not lack of career coach training. Being a Good Coach Doesn’t Mean You Will Have a Successful Career Coaching Business The key to a successful career coaching business is not different than any other business. They key is marketing, which is something … [Read more...]

What is a Career Life Coach? Is a Coaching Career You?

A Career Life Coach Can Bring Out The Genius in a Person What is genius? How do we measure it? We have access to IQ tests, and now EQ tests are thought by some to be a more accurate indicator of success. But there is also musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and mathematical intelligence. What would your coaching career look like if everyone you worked with was a genius? Is There a Way a Career Life Coach Can Bring Out the Genius in Their Clients? We know that geniuses play at … [Read more...]

Becoming a Career Coach: Career Coaching Training on How You Can Make Every Coaching Session Your Best

Do you ever wonder about the difference between becoming a career coach who just gets by, and one who can get great results even within a single session? What are the key ingredients to a successful coaching session? These Career Coaching Training Secrets Will Make Becoming a Career Coach Much More Exciting: Career coaching training secret #1 – Find out what your client wants. They key here is becoming a career coach who listens for the needs BEHIND their achievements.  (What are your … [Read more...]

How to Become a Career Coach Who Conquers Their Own Fears: Career Coaching Tools That Get Immediate Results

When we first decide we want to learn how to become a career coach, we have lots of ideas of what our life will look like. And if we just have enough career coaching tools we will figure out how to become a career coach who lives the life others only dream about. But the truth is, our lives are filled with fear…or the more politically correct word for achievers would be “stress”. The most important step is to begin. Just like children who are learning to walk, everyone stumbles and falls on … [Read more...]

The Effectiveness of Career Coaching: Career Coach Training to Beat The Averages

Do your clients ever ask about the effectiveness of career coaching? Do you find potential clients wondering what factors contribute to the effectiveness of career coaching? What type of career coach training do you need to be able to show them the money? There are Statistics That Demonstrate The Effectiveness of Career Coaching A Metrix Global Study showed that coaching provided a 529% return on investment for one Fortune 500 company. Another study reported that one small company found … [Read more...]

How Many Articles About Career Coaching Will The Average Person Read Before They Become a Career Coach?

There are so many articles about career coaching out there, how to you decide which ones are good and which ones need to be recycled? I just got an email with an article about career coaching, “Be a Health Coach in 90 Minutes.” It’s frustrating to get emails like this.   Maybe if I had Read the Right Articles About Career Coaching, I Could Have Become a Career Coach in About 60 Minutes : ) If you really want to become a career coach in the shortest amount of time possible, you could put up a … [Read more...]

How to Become a Job Coach: The Secret to Getting Coaching Jobs in any Economy

Let’s face it, sometimes one of the biggest challenges we face as coaches is finding coaching jobs, or clients. How do you become a job coach who can fill your calendar with coaching jobs, even if you’re just starting out? Provide massive value. Become a job coach who can provide so much value within a single session, your potential clients can’t imagine living their lives without you. If you have become a job coach, who is your ideal client? Where will you find coaching jobs? Think of … [Read more...]

How to Become a Job Coach: The Top 5 Obstacles Experienced During Life Coaching Training Programs

If you want to become a job coach, you will have the opportunity to really make a difference, especially in this economy. New coaches who are trying to get to the next level are going to come across barriers, and usually what keeps coaches from moving forward is fear. Once you identify the problem, it’s easier to start making a plan of action. Here are the top 5 obstacles life coaches experience when deciding to sign up for life coaching training programs. 1. Making time to become a job … [Read more...]

Career Coach Training…investment strategy for the current economy?

  Could a career coach training be the best use of your investment money? Have you watched the stock market swing several hundred points up or down in a single day? Even the value investors have been blindsided. The equity in our homes is dropping, more and more companies are going out of business, and the commercial real estate industry is looking for bailout money. Not to mention the mess with the auto industry. It really makes me wonder, is there safe place to invest right now?   With … [Read more...]