What is a career coach?

What is a Career Coach?

How do you climb the corporate ladder or reach the next level in your career? A career coach can help you determine the answer.  A career coach helps you to navigate career questions and directions, by: helping you clarify the outcomes that you want in your careeroffering you insights that will enable you to better reach your goalssupporting you throughout your career journey, and even beyond.  0:41 A career coach helps people discover and get the outcomes that they want … [Read more...]

Career Coaching Tools: Test Your Personal Temperature

The benefit of career coaching tools is you can test out where you’re flaming hot and where you’re as cold as an iceberg. Coaching tools help coaches peel back the onion on their client’s dirty secrets and berried strengths. Like a hot yellow onion, you may get some piercing feedback that’ll knock you to your knees because you really don’t want to hear bad news which makes you’re eyes water and your nose tingle, but it’s best to find out now before you launch head first into a new career. Do … [Read more...]

Career Coaching 101: Career Coaching Tools to Promote Effective Communication

One of the basic career coaching tools to master is effective communication. This skill is important for your clients, and also in your own career coaching practice. The biggest problem with communication is that we hear through our own filters, and often attach meaning that was never intended. The results are often disastrous to our life and career coaching practice. Here are some career coaching tools you can implement immediately to improve communication. Career Coaching Tool #1: Don’t … [Read more...]

How to Become a Career Coach Who Conquers Their Own Fears: Career Coaching Tools That Get Immediate Results

When we first decide we want to learn how to become a career coach, we have lots of ideas of what our life will look like. And if we just have enough career coaching tools we will figure out how to become a career coach who lives the life others only dream about. But the truth is, our lives are filled with fear…or the more politically correct word for achievers would be “stress”. The most important step is to begin. Just like children who are learning to walk, everyone stumbles and falls on … [Read more...]