What is Career Coaching? Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Career Coach?

Become a Career Coach and Help A World in Transition

What is career coaching?

Career coaching is about helping people find satisfaction and fulfillment in their job. Almost everyone struggles with aspects of their career at some point. There are many people who could benefit from someone who takes on the challenge to become a career coach who can provide exceptional value to people wherever they are in their career. In fact, many become a career coach in a specific aspect of career coaching.

What is Career Coaching for People Who are Experiencing Burn Out in Their Careers?

Do you want to become a career coach who can help people regain life balance? Can you help them find out if they are unhappy with their work, or just looking for more recognition?

What is Career Coaching for People Who are Trying The Corporate Ladder?

Can you become a career coach who can help people get a raise or promotion? Can you help your clients justify why they have earned it, or strategize about what steps need to happen so they can step into that new role? Can you help your clients not only see what they need to do, but what personal qualities they need to demonstrate to show others that they are ready to take on new responsibilities? Can you empower people by strengthening their leadership and communication skills?

What is Career Coaching for People Who Don’t Have a Job?

Can you quickly help people identify their strengths and weaknesses through assessments? What did they love and hate most about previous jobs. Do they need help with interviewing strategies? Moving past fears that would keep them from applying for their dream job? Can you help strengthen networking skills?

Hopefully these questions have helped form a clearer picture about what is career coaching. When you become a career coach who has the experience of helping someone find career satisfaction with a job they love, then you will really know what is career coaching.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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