How Many Articles About Career Coaching Will The Average Person Read Before They Become a Career Coach?

There are so many articles about career coaching out there, how to you decide which ones are good and which ones need to be recycled? I just got an email with an article about career coaching, “Be a Health Coach in 90 Minutes.” It’s frustrating to get emails like this.  

Maybe if I had Read the Right Articles About Career Coaching, I Could Have Become a Career Coach in About 60 Minutes : )

If you really want to become a career coach in the shortest amount of time possible, you could put up a sign on a freeway exit that says, “Life Coach for Hire,” after reading just a few key articles about career coaching.


Articles About Career Coaching Help You Become a Career Coach About as Much as Reading a Book on Race Car Driving Does to Help You Drive a Race Car

A friend of mine actually took lessons behind the wheel of a race car. He should have been a natural after wrapping his dad’s station wagon around a tree in high school and walking away!  But challenging experiences like that is how many of the the pros learn… and REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE might not be bad training if you want to become a career coach.

You drive around a track at about 100 -120 mph. No other cars and the only obstacle is a short brick wall at the edge of the track. Should be easy, except the instructor has a control panel with 4 buttons that make the car spin out of control when you least expect it.

When he pushes a button and the car spins, chances are you’ll panic and your focus turns to avoiding that brick wall. You probably know that in life, coaching, or race car driving, that you should focus on where you want to go, not what you fear. But going into a tailspin at 120mph near a brick wall makes you forget that! Thankfully you have an instructor there to push your head and shift your focus to make sure you don’t look at that wall and hit it.

You’ll confront a lot of the same fears on your way to becoming a career coach.  That’s why it’s so important to hire a coach for yourself if you want to become a career coach.

Even the great race car drivers find themselves going into a tailspin at some time. The good drivers know how to get themselves out of a spin. And anyone who wants to become a career coach should know how to recover from ‘coaching spins’… before getting behind the ‘wheel’.  Reading an article on career coaching isn’t going to train you on how to handle these inevitable slippery spots on the road to coaching greatness.

The Secret to Being a Great Career Coach is Not Just Reading a Ton of Articles About Career Coaching

It’s knowing how to come out of a “spin”. Not only important in driving, but also important if you want to become a career coach.

The lesson is: Don’t give any energy or focus to what you don’t want, because every ounce you give is going to move you closer to it. And the longer you delay focusing on what you want because you are so busy focusing on the things you once experienced, or didn’t want from your past, present, or future, means the momentum is still taking you in that direction, whether it is a car going 120mph or your life. So when you’re reading articles about career coaching, make sure you get out and practice what you learn, and when you confront obstacles, only focus on what you want to achieve and keep the focus off of what you fear.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

Jeffrey T. Sooey

CEO, JTS Advisors

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