How to Become a Career Coach Who Conquers Their Own Fears: Career Coaching Tools That Get Immediate Results

When we first decide we want to learn how to become a career coach, we have lots of ideas of what our life will look like. And if we just have enough career coaching tools we will figure out how to become a career coach who lives the life others only dream about. But the truth is, our lives are filled with fear…or the more politically correct word for achievers would be “stress”. The most important step is to begin. Just like children who are learning to walk, everyone stumbles and falls on their face from time to time. Here are a few career coaching tools you can use to move past your fears when that happens.

The First Step to Help You Learn How to Become a Career Coach Who Can Eliminate Fear is to Identify What You Are Afraid Of

What happened in your life that makes you afraid now?

The best of the best in career coaching tools to use when fear is interfering with your life is to use the Erasure Technique. Erasure techniques are great career coaching tools to use when you make a mistake and then find yourself replaying it again and again in your mind. Have you ever had this type of experience, and each time you see this “movie” of your error, you feel the pain acutely again? When you use the Erasure Technique, instead of playing it back as you remember it happened, you can choose play it back in a way that makes the whole thing seem ridiculous. Play back the experience like a cartoon. Play the movie back at different speeds, changing the scale of the characters, add music, play it in reverse. For example, if someone yelled at you, you can replay this movie with the cartoon character “Dumbo” portraying that person. You could have that person sounding like Mickey Mouse!

Go through this process at least a dozen times while playing around with the experience, making it so funny that you can’t think about the experience without laughing at least a little.

The Key to These Career Coaching Tools is to Make The Other Person Seem so Ridiculous That You Can’t Possibly Take Him Seriously

This is a simple way to learn how to become a career coach who can eliminate fear.

The next step in these career coaching tools is to ask yourself, “What did I have to believe in order to feel fear?” And the last step of these career coaching tools is to find a more empowering alternative. Ask yourself, “What could I believe that would eliminate the possibility of fear?”

If you learhow to become a career coach who stops beating yourself up over mistakes and how to become a career coach who gets past your fears, then you can help others to do the same.

Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach
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