Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors: How Your Coaching Career Can Help Managers & Supervisors

Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors?

What if supervisors really did take on the role of being the coach? What kind of results would they get? I wish some of my previous employers had a mandatory coaching skills program for management. This sounds like a great niche for a coaching career. What would it be like if you taught career coaching skills for supervisors? Imagine the difference you could make in a company and the effect on your coaching career.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of The Benefits of Teaching Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors

When managers and supervisors participate in a career coaching skills for supervisors class, they have an opportunity to look at their relationships with their employees in a different light. When supervisors step into the role of the “coach”, there is a certain understanding that employees are going to get something besides a pay check. Managers turn a job into a coaching career.

We don’t usually see examples of supervisors seeing themselves as coaches. Sometimes supervisors try to be the “friend” and others the “commander in charge”. Common management complaints are difficulty keeping good people, making productivity quotas, and low morale. What if supervisors could fill their organization with the same level of commitment and motivation that you see in clients from your own coaching career? Could the role of a supervisor be seen as fun, exciting and rewarding instead of stressful?

After Implementing Career Coaching Skills for Supervisors, a Tremendous Shift Can Occur

As a result of taking on the role of a coach in a coaching career, a supervisor’s team will feel a new sense of loyalty, enthusiasm, and purpose. What would it be like to work for someone who wanted to help you achieve your goals, supporting you in the obstacles that inevitably come up, and help move past your limitations?

After learning career coaching skills for supervisors, your clients will be able to help employees realize their career aspirations. Your clients will become great coaches who know their people, their strengths, weaknesses, and can use this information to provide training and resources that will motivate their employees to perform at their best. And once word gets out about the effect you have on an organization, you will have a very prosperous coaching career.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountaibility Coach

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