The Effectiveness of Career Coaching: Career Coach Training to Beat The Averages

Do your clients ever ask about the effectiveness of career coaching? Do you find potential clients wondering what factors contribute to the effectiveness of career coaching? What type of career coach training do you need to be able to show them the money?

There are Statistics That Demonstrate The Effectiveness of Career Coaching

A Metrix Global Study showed that coaching provided a 529% return on investment for one Fortune 500 company.

Another study reported that one small company found that for every $1 spent on coaching, there was a $6 return on their investment.

Other studies show that training increases productivity by 22%. But when it’s combined with coaching, productivity increases by 86%.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) Reported on The Effectiveness of Career Coaching (and Coaching in General) in The Following Outcomes:

  • 52% showed an increase in self confidence
  • 57% decrease in stress levels
  • 62% increase in goal setting effectiveness
  • 67% increase in self-awareness
  • 60% increase in ability to balance their life

There seems to be enough data that supports the effectiveness of career coaching. But the real question your prospective client is wondering about is not about the effectiveness of career coaching in general…

More Likely, Their Question is “Do You Have The Career Coach Training to Help Me?”

That is the elephant in the room.

What can you do to prove yourself? To show them you have all the career coach training you will need to provide results?

The complimentary coaching session.

You might say “Not again! That never works.” Well, if you are still here, it is your opportunity to really get excited. And if you are not excited, you need more career coach training. Because the only people who want to see statistical evidence of the effectiveness of career coaching are the ones who have not experienced the benefits. OR, they are communicating to someone who has not experienced the transformation than can occur even within a single coaching session.

If You Doubt Your Abilities, or Aren’t Seeing The Results You Want, Get Some Career Coach Training

And don’t worry, because a really good career coach training should be able to get a highly motivated person in 2 months or less to a level where they can provide enough value within a single session that they won’t have to worry about statistics.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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