How to Become a Job Coach: The Secret to Getting Coaching Jobs in any Economy

Let’s face it, sometimes one of the biggest challenges we face as coaches is finding coaching jobs, or clients.

How do you become a job coach who can fill your calendar with coaching jobs, even if you’re just starting out?

Provide massive value.

Become a job coach who can provide so much value within a single session, your potential clients can’t imagine living their lives without you.

If you have become a job coach, who is your ideal client? Where will you find coaching jobs? Think of all the people out there who have recently found themselves unemployed or have been given notice that they will soon be unemployed. One of the greatest challenges many people have is updating their resume, and you can provide value by offering them a solution in the form of a “free session” or even a front of the room presentation where you offer attendees a “complementary coaching session” at the end. Once you wow them with your coaching, you will find yourself with some new coaching jobs. What will you talk about? You can start with:

5 steps to updating your resume to find the job of your dreams: Fast and painless ways to make your resume shine.

1. Add your clients’ most recent achievements.

If your clients want to let their accomplishments speak for themselves, they will need to make sure they are visible. Have them start with their most recent wins, and work their way backward. Showing off recent successes will infer that they will be ready to hit the ground running when they begin their next job.

2. Highlight how contributions affected their employers bottom line.

If your clients were successful at bringing in business or improving efficiency which resulted in a greater profit, make sure they mention it. They shouldn’t exaggerate, but this is one way to help a resume move to the top of the pile.

3. Make sure your clients’ language speaks to the broader market.

Sometimes when people have been working with the same company for many years, there may be a culture with an “insider’s language” that uses job titles that is specific to that company. Become a job coach who can help people make sure your clients refer to job titles and accomplishments using terms that the general job market will understand. If prospective employers don’t understand a resume, they aren’t going to waste time trying to decode it.

4. Use Search Engine Keywords

Your clients’ choice of words is crucial because many managers use search engines to narrow down lists of applicants. Have your clients make sure the keywords they use are specific to the industry they are applying to, even if it means creating more than one resume so they can use keywords that provide the best advantage. If you have become a job coach who is internet savvy, you can provide great value here and lock in some coaching jobs.

5. Don’t rely on spell check.

After you’ve read and re-read something, you may not see your own mistakes. Have your clients find a friend or trusted co-worker to give them a second opinion. Spell check doesn’t catch everything.

If you become a job coach who adds tremendous value to each interaction with a client, they will find ways to get resources so they can hire you to help them reach their goals. By constantly searching for ways to provide value, coaching jobs and clients will start falling from the sky.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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