Design the Life You Want With a Career Life Coach

A career Life Coach exists to excel you toward a career that is thriving and a life you are excited to wake up to everyday. Your career is your stability for survival and a reflection of your individual talents. The extra effort and attention created by working with a career life coach is enough to transform your life experience. It might be time to think about what a career life coach could mean for you. Where to Start With a Career Life Coach When You’re Confused About Your Career The first … [Read more...]

What is a Career Life Coach? Is a Coaching Career You?

A Career Life Coach Can Bring Out The Genius in a Person What is genius? How do we measure it? We have access to IQ tests, and now EQ tests are thought by some to be a more accurate indicator of success. But there is also musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and mathematical intelligence. What would your coaching career look like if everyone you worked with was a genius? Is There a Way a Career Life Coach Can Bring Out the Genius in Their Clients? We know that geniuses play at … [Read more...]