Becoming a Career Coach: Career Coaching Training on How You Can Make Every Coaching Session Your Best

Do you ever wonder about the difference between becoming a career coach who just gets by, and one who can get great results even within a single session? What are the key ingredients to a successful coaching session?

These Career Coaching Training Secrets Will Make Becoming a Career Coach Much More Exciting:

Career coaching training secret #1 – Find out what your client wants. They key here is becoming a career coach who listens for the needs BEHIND their achievements.  (What are your clients burning reasons for achieving their goals).  What needs do you think they are trying to meet?

Career coaching training secret #2 – Now you need to focus on becoming a career coach who listens for what their clients believe has to happen in order to get their needs met.  What behavior do they need to perpetuate in order to continue to meet those needs? What behavior do you think is keeping them from achieving their goals?

Career coaching training secret #3 – The next step is becoming a career coach who helps their clients discover what their deepest psychological needs really are. There are 4 basic needs that everyone has:  Certainty, Variety, Significance, and Love/Connection. Everyone has to meet all four.  Your client’s “wound” is the need they are NOT getting met a high level now. Use your observations from the first step to “mind read” what they really need.

Career coaching training secret #4 – Now start becoming a career coach who asks questions that get answers to the puzzle. What behaviors are your clients using to try to get their needs met? Why isn’t it working for their life? What do they want to change?

And the final career coaching training secret of the day is becoming a career coach that is like a detective who puts all the information into a diagnosis of the issues that are keeping your clients from achieving their goals. Once you identify the beliefs, emotions, and language patterns that are locking them into the negative emotion or behavior that they want to change, you have solved the mystery and are ready to help them find an empowering alternative.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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