Coaching Techniques For PDFs

Producing coaching techniques for PDFs can be very beneficial to you and your business. There are many different ideas for content and ways you can package your material. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Ways of Delivery For Coaching Techniques For PDF

  • White Papers: PDF format works well for white papers. As a rule, white paper content is in report, study or guide format. White papers are used to educate and/or solve problems of your readers, giving the needed information for informed decisions. Besides giving relative information to potential clients you can use them to gather addresses of interested people. They are usually sent out for free and are anywhere from 4-24 pages in length.
  • Bonus Material: This is similar to a white paper but typically covers a certain subject more specifically. When someone buys a product, bonus material is usually given out as a gift. This adds value to the item sold. Even if you are in a joint venture project and giving out bonus material with someone else’s product and you personally don’t make any money on it, it is still a sample of your work and program and may lead to future sales, representative of a more extensive program you offer.
  • Books: You can self-publish your information and sell the PDFs on your site.

Content Ideas For Coaching Techniques For PDFs

  • Methodologies: There is a lot written about what coaching is but very little about the different techniques and methods used. It would make fascinating white paper material to compare the different methodologies to the one you use. Or if you are a specialist in a certain type of coaching such as Neurolinguistics or Strategic Intervention Coaching to give more explanation on how it works.
  • Exercises: As a coach, you must have hundreds of exercises to help clients get to their desired destination. These lend themselves very nicely to a coach technique for PDF, clients love to have them, and it adds value to your coaching.
  • Tests: There are also many on line tests that you can acquire either for free or as an affiliate, or for a fee that you can put on your website to determine different things about your potential clients. These are great coaching techniques for PDFs.
  • Course Content: You can put all your course content in PDF format as individual module PDFs. This is an easy way to send your course material to your clients.
  • Explanations on different solutions: You can give case histories (as long as you don’t breach client confidentiality) and explanations of how certain specific problems were overcome and how client solutions were found.

As coaches we have so many coaching techniques, ideas, solutions, and a wealth of information to help people that are ideal topics for coaching techniques for PDFs. Share your knowledge with others in PDF format.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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    I love learning new thing, it never hurt anyone to learn new things
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