Questions To Ask Before Deciding On A Life Coach Training School.

If you only had five questions to ask when deciding on a life coach training school what would they be? Below you will find my top five questions and the reasons why.

People generally want to know what to expect before embarking on a new venture like enrolling in a life coach training school. It’s the fear of the unknown that frightens people. I assure you, most coaches won’t bite. It’s their job to bring out the best in you and provide you with a good experience. However, below I have provided you with a place to start, as I understand that it is not easy to find the life coach training school of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life Coach Training Schools

  • What sort of curriculum does the school offer?

There are a number of different types of life coach training schools majoring on various methods of coaching. For example, there are life coaching training schools that major on wellness, business, Christian coaching, neurolinguistics, Law of Attraction, transformational, to name a few. Check out which type you are interested in.

  • Does the school have a business program included?

Unfortunately, one of the hardest things for coaches after securing their certificate is getting clients and growing their business. If you are not an already accomplished business person then you may not have a clue how to run a successful business no matter how excellent a coach you are. Be sure to ask if they have a business program and how extensive it is.

  • Is the school accredited?

If in the future you want your business to be accredited, or you want to join the International Coaching Federation (ICF) then it is important that you check to find out if your school is affiliated with the ICF and if they give credits toward full membership.

  • How much does it cost?

Not every life coaching training school is forth coming with this information. This may be your first question, as it was mine. I was on a limited budget and did not want to proceed with finding out further details about the course until I found out the cost. So ask. They will most likely try to sell you on a payment plan, but if it is out of your price range, don’t be intimidated.

Besides Asking Questions—Here Are Other Ways You Can Find Out Information

  • Read testimonies from former students and then see if you can find out if they have successful coaching businesses of their own.
  • Read reviews on the school or check out the coaching instructors websites to see what others have to say about the training.
  • When asking your questions, take notice as to how you are treated, as you can tell a lot about the school by how they field your questions.

There are some wonderful life coaching training schools available out there, but it does take a little effort to find the perfect one for you. Take your time, do your research and then invest in a program. It was one of the best investments of my life and I hope it will be for you too. Happy hunting.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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