Leadership Coaching Services Meeting The Need

Recently I was wondering what the differences were between leadership coaching services and executive and corporate coaching services.

As far as I can tell they are very similar with only slight variations.

What Are The Differences?

Top notch leadership coaching services cater to individuals and team leaders. Corporate coaching services have the same target market, but specialize in the corporate world, and helping the company by helping the company’s leadership. Where as leadership coaching services has a much wider target market and often specializes in small businesses.

The word leadership is synonymous with the word management and executive, however, the executive coach has an even narrower target market majoring on executives only. Whereas leadership coaching services have a wider range of leadership as potential clients.

What Do Leadership Coaching Services Actually Provide?

Effective leadership is essential for today’s businesses to survive in the competitive marketplace. Leadership coaching services should be able to provide a wide range of services even over lapping some of the executive and corporate coaching services. Such as:

  • The ability to help clients to recognize behavioral and/or skill weaknesses, then hold them accountable to the required change, and at the same time provide the necessary support and guidance to achieve results.
  • Helping potential leaders to step up to the plate and deliver at their full potential. This is especially useful for the client who wants to increase their prospects for promotion.
  • Providing the support needed to a client to not second guess themselves when stepping out of their comfort zone. This could mean being prepared to help clients in any number of scenarios such as acquiring new responsibilities, working on potential high-risk projects, changing careers, etc.
  • If your leadership coaching services overlap into the corporate realm and you are hired by an organization then your services would include regular measurable reports to all parties involved. That would include the coach, the coached individual or team, the individual’s or team’s manager, and the client sponsor. The client sponsor is the person paying for the coaching which in this case would be the organization or company. This part of the job can be very tricky not to break client confidentiality and needs to be spelled out clearly from the beginning so that all parties concerned are clear on how that works.
  • Some clients will already excel in their leadership role and need help with balancing their work, family, and personal life. Leadership coaching services are also expected to help with that.

Trend Setting For Leadership Coaching Services

  • If you really want to expand your leadership coach service you could also consider providing coaching in a variety of different languages to meet the needs of your international client’s. Global expansion is already upon us.

My hat is off to all you leadership coaches. You have a lot on your plate. Keep up the good work pumping out those great leaders.

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Spiritual Growth Coach
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