JTS Master Coach Certification Training

A group of new coaches recently completed the 2011 Master Coach Certification Training seminar, led by Jeffrey Sooey.

Where Was The Master Coach Certification Training Seminar Held?

The Master Coach Certification Training Seminar was held from November 10-13. It took place at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in historic St. Augustine, near Jacksonville, Florida (by the Matanzas bay). It was three days filled with tremendous, cutting edge information.

The unique thing about this seminar is that usually Jeffrey only offered this training to his Master Coach University students, but on this occasion he made the rare opportunity available to other coaches on his mailing list.

What Was The Agenda?

Our own, Jeffrey Sooey, the founder of Coaches Training Blog, taught the seminar. Jeff is a master at teaching a very clear and detailed two part course.

Part one was on setting up an Internet coaching business. He laid out a step-by-step strategy of how to set up your business, and then gave the nuts and bolts of how to market the business.

Part two covered advanced coaching techniques.

Those who completed the seminar received a recognized coaching certification from JTS Advisors.

What Do The People Have to Say About The Master Coaching Certificate Training?

Attendees were thrilled about the Master Coach Certification Training seminar. I was able to get an exclusive interview with Ai Dee Chang who was one of the attendees. Here is what Dee had to say:

“On a scale from one to ten, with the information I received from the seminar, I would give it a 200.”

“I didn’t have just one ‘aha’ moment, I had many ‘aha’ moments. Jeff helped me realize a lot of my patterns and habits were being controlled by my values (human) needs.”

“I felt like a different person when I completed the class. All I need to do is to follow what he taught me and I will be on my way.”

“I’ve been to many seminars (mostly Real Estate seminars) at which I have received some good input, but nothing compares to this one. Jeff’s Master Coach Certification Training Seminar was much more. I not only received good coach information, this course actually changed my perspective and thinking, as well as taught me how to get results. I have nothing but appreciation for Jeff. It was a life changing seminar. The best I have ever attended.”

It certainly sounds like this seminar was a great success and delivered great value. Don’t miss Jeff’s next certification training in 2012 (contact us for more information).

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Spiritual Growth Coach
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