How To Be Discovered As A Life Coach Online?

I find this a mystery and a question I spend a lot of time contemplating, not only how to get found myself as a life coach online but how to find other coaches online. I know there are a lot of great life coaches and other types of coaches out there in cyber space, but how in the world do you find them online? Getting Found As A Life Coach Online ? SEO, meta tags, back linking: I understand these are major ways to be discovered by Google, but I’m not going to be much help to you on this, as … [Read more...]

Sequel to Take The $##!! Out of Life With Stress Coaching

The human body is an amazing machine. We’re actually made to renew ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually on a regular basis. If we neglect the renewal part for too long, then stress can become destructive instead of helpful causing your energy to be drained and we’re not as successful as we could be. Below are some stress coaching tips that you can use with your clients or even use on yourself. When using these stress coaching tips it should plug up your energy drainers and once … [Read more...]

How to Find a Life Coach Online?

How do potential clients go about finding a life coach online? The most obvious way is through a Google search using different key words. The problem with this is that this type of search will mostly lead you to coaching schools or information on how to become life coaches online, but you’ll not find much on how to hire a coach, although some schools do have listings. Not many individual life coaches come up through a Google search so one great way to be discovered is by being listed on one or … [Read more...]

Three Coaching Tips From My Journal

I have a bundle of wonderful coaching tips and tools in my tool bag. However, I sometimes forget to use the helpful tips I have faithfully filed away and by default I lean on the same old ones. So, in an effort to spice up my practice, I recently set a small goal to go through my material and review my coaching tips. For example, take affirmations. This is a very handy tool--here are three interesting affirmation coaching tips I had tucked away in my journal that you may want to try … [Read more...]

Can I Become a Life Coach?—You’ve Got to be Kidding.

Consider The Following Questions When Asking Yourself ‘Can I Become a Life Coach?’ Do I have a genuine interest in people? Do I actually want to add value to people’s lives? Am I a good listener? Am I willing to coach even if I don’t make any money? If you answered yes to these questions what are you waiting for? The next step to becoming a life coach is to find a coaching school that resonates with your needs and your pocket book. Overall, coaching methodologies are similar, so find what … [Read more...]

Take the #&$*#! out of your life With Stress Coaching

Stress coaching is a must for all of us. Stress, anxiety, worry or a sense of being overwhelmed can all be affecting your attitude and productivity without you even knowing it. Because of this, it is a good plan to identify the source of your stress so that you can do something about it, and one of the best ways you can do this is through stress coaching. There is no shame in that as we all suffer from stress from time to time, even you, my fellow coaches. You’d be surprised how much stress can … [Read more...]

Can Anyone Tell Me the Definition of Coaching?

My musing on the definition of coaching Can you define what a coach is? When thinking about what the definition of coaching is it got me wondering how did we ever get pegged with the title “coach”? The main picture that comes to mind when I think of a coach is a sports coach. You know, the coach is the loud guy on the side lines yelling out commands to the players... the one who pushes them hard through their workouts... the guy who expects more of his players than they think they are capable … [Read more...]

Struggles When You Become a Life Coach

One of the biggest struggles of becoming life coaches. Probably one of the biggest struggle for those who are aspiring to become a life coach is battling negative self chatter—doubts and questions such as: Do I have what it takes to become a life coach? Will people really be willing to pay for my services? Who would really need my help? Will I be able to learn how to market myself? Can the economy support another coach? Do I have the right niche? Is the coach field glutted? Blah, blah, … [Read more...]