What Do Horses and Life Coaching Have In Common?

I am pleasantly surprised to find that it seems like life coaching and horses have a lot in common. When searching the key words “horses” and “life coaching” I found nine different coaching schools who use horses to aid them in their life coach work. Then when reversing the order, I found six more hits. I had no idea I would find so many life coaching programs which use horses in their curriculum.

Is It Just a Gimmick to Use Horses in Life Coaching?

As far as I can tell it is not a gimmick but has real merit, one program had the ICF logo.

In addition, there are also quite a few interesting testimonials from people, with many different careers, who had used this coaching method. One of the main groups who benefited from this approach is parents and children. Apparently it has notably helped parents with autistic children. There are also many testimonials from those who successfully learned leadership lessons from the horse approach.

What is Life Coaching With Horses All About?

The results of life coaching with horses didn’t sound much different than traditional coaching, however, it is certainly a novel way of going about it. All of the sites pretty much said the same things about what the horse could do such as:

  • A horse is a great teacher and has the ability to reflect one’s true intentions, thus teaching self confidence, honesty and trust.
  • Horses help you to be able to recognize negative behavior that you might not have been able to recognize on your own.
  • Many of the sites expressed it is a very successful way to learn and improve emotional intelligence. It seems that the horse’s intuition and instinct helps them to be able to read people’s body language and moods, and teaches you to do the same.
  • You can’t lie to the horse, as the horse will only respond in the right way when you’re being honest and giving clear instructions.
  • It also seems that horses are non-judgmental, which is good news, as I certainly wouldn’t want to be underfoot of a judgmental horse.
  • I also understand that you can gain passion, the ability to live fearlessly, clarity about your purpose in life, access to higher levels of self-awareness, as well as rid yourself of limiting beliefs, worries and confusion.

Why Not Take A Life Coaching Horse Vacation?

If you want to take a vacation and at the same time have an opportunity for self-growth, check out some of the life coaching with horses sites. Some of them offer weekend retreat options along with accommodations. This might be a refreshing change from more traditional coaching retreats.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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