Failure And The Success Coach

Failure and the success coach might sound like a contradiction but it’s not.

Are you one of the success coaches who is thriving? Don’t try to tell me that you haven’t had your fair share of failures. Your failure actually helped boost your success.

Failure The Key to Success

Failure is the key to success whether you are a success coach, any other coach, or even a client. The success coach gets to see this first-hand (not to mention, more often). Your specialty is success, so you know that without failure, you can’t have success. Failure and success go hand-in-hand.

Benefits of Failure That The Success Coach Will Point Out to You

  • Wisdom gained from failure. If you ask a simple question after every failure, “What can I learn from this mistake?” Those lessons then become the building blocks for the next success.
  • Better ideas come from failure. Research shows that innovations are often accompanied by a high rate of failure—look at Edison.
  • Failure motivates: You don’t usually change when you are comfortable and all is going well. You change when you feel the discomfort. Sometimes we need a little pain to get us to change and push us in a new direction. Sometimes it takes failure to make us do what we were meant to do.
  • Failure helps personal development. Failure is good for self-growth, personal development and cultivates character. There’s nothing quite like it to even the playing field. It’s a must have if you want to relate and have good rapport with clients.

Words of Wisdom on Failure From The Success Coach

  • The truth is, you usually never learn from success because you are glorying in your success instead of taking the time to analyze why you succeeded.
  • On the other hand mistakes are a learning process. You figure out what doesn’t work. If you are making the most of each failure you’ll figure out what does work.
  • Moral of the story is in order to reach your full potential, and even go beyond what you personally thought possible, you must have some failure.
  • The bad news is failure does not automatically give us the benefits of wisdom, new ideas, motivation, personal growth, or any of the other good things it does. Failure only brings forth the success if you milk it for all it’s worth.

The success coach will also tell you that if you’re wise you’ll use your failures to your advantage. Wise people make the most of failure. It’s a stepping-stone to greater success.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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