A Different Set of Coaching Core Competencies

Coaching core competencies are the guidelines by which all coaches should run their practices and treat their clients. Coaching core competencies are the commandments of the profession. The International Coach Federation created a list of core competencies that can be used by coaches around the world to run their practices; these competencies are well-known to all coaches, but there are other similar lists that can be analyzed and followed. Presented here is a different list of competencies, … [Read more...]

What Are The Coaching Core Competencies?

Coaching core competencies is the skill set that a professional coach must master to be certified. There are many different associations that are working toward getting the profession of coaching acknowledged, regulated and standardized at the National and International levels. The one I am most familiar with is the International Coaches Federation (ICF). One of the things these different associations want to standardize is coaching core competencies, however, since there are so many in … [Read more...]