Are Accredited Online Coaching Programs Scams?

I wouldn’t say that accredited online coaching programs are scams, even though at times it might seem like it.

There are many good life coaching schools that offer accredited online coaching programs and just as many fine programs that are not accredited.

What’s The Big Deal About Accreditation?

Choosing the right coaching school will affect your future as a coach. But whether the school is accredited or not should not be your main criteria and here are the reasons why:

  • First off there are no set agreed on standards for the life coaching industry. Therefore there are no recognized standards to judge coaching schools by and no legal authority to do the accrediting.
  • Then there are those who want to control the industry and the income resulting from it. Therefore not all schools get accredited that should and not every school that is accredited should be.
  • Not all but some coaches use their accreditation seals as an online marketing tool. This tactic can make the school seem better than other programs. However, the real proof is in the results of the course.

How Will It Affect Your Future Business If You Don’t Opt For Accredited Online Coaching Programs?

Your future is as bright as the brilliance of your coaching.

Although some potential clients may feel more comfortable if you are a certified coach, most clients don’t care what school you went to, much less have time to investigate the credentials of the school. In our busy world today clients are more concerned about results than taking the time to check if the school you attended had an accredited online coach program or not.

What they do care about is the results. Potential clients will most likely hire you because of a referral of someone who got results. Then they’ll see if you click with them but the thing they look at the most is if you can produce the results and solutions they are seeking.

How To Choose Your Coaching School?

If accredited online coaching programs are not that important in choosing a coaching school what is? In my opinion these are the things that are important.

  • Finding a school that will deliver the results you are looking for. Read student testimonials of those who have gone to the school to see if they have had those results you are looking forward to.
  • Confirm that the school’s curriculum is what you want.
  • When contacting the school for more information see what sort of connect you have with them. You can often tell if the school is right for you by the way you are treated.

Are accredited online coaching programs scams? You decide but I suggest to any prospective coaching students to find the school that is best suited for your need. Don’t be intimidated by advertising boasting of accreditation unless of course that is what you are looking for.

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Dana Bosley
Spiritual Growth Coach
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