Are There Any New York State Coaching Certification Requirements?

Believe it or not, there are no New York state coaching certification requirements. There are no regulatory government agencies to oversee the coaching profession. You can call yourself a coach, hang a sign in your window that says you're a coach, and start coaching people as if you really were a coach. You Can Call Yourself a Coach Anywhere There are no New York state coaching certification requirements, no federal requirements, and no other state has placed any legal or education … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Business Coaching – UK, US, or Anywhere

The benefits of business coaching – UK, US, or anywhere must be tangible and real. They must be outcomes that clients are seeking, and they must be able to increase profit, and put pounds, dollars, yen, euros, or any type of currency in the business owner's pockets! Why Business Coaching? Business environments are fast-paced and rapidly changing. They are no longer merely local or national – they compete in a truly global economy. Business owners and leaders must be flexible, agile, … [Read more...]

What is a Coaching Certification Volunteer?

Coaching certification volunteer – what does this mean? Hard to say – it's one of those awkward keyword phrases that writers have to deal with from time to time. Coaching certification volunteer – is there such a thing? What Does Google Say About Coaching Certification Volunteer? Not much. You put that phrase into Google's search box and you get several pages, but not much pertaining to these three words. You an change it to “coach certification volunteer” and the results aren't any … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tips: Motivation and Interviewing

These can be two of the most powerful life coaching tips: motivation and interviewing. These two skills can help people make changes in their lives and eliminate difficult habits and overcome obstacles to success. Why Life Coaching Tips: Motivation and Interviewing Motivation and Interviewing is similar to motivational interviewing, which is a technique used by clinical psychologists, usually when working with substance abuse patients. In the life coaching field, it can be a way of … [Read more...]

The Secrets of Vibrant Wellness Health Coaching

Vibrant wellness health coaching is all about reaching your maximum health potential and living a life of vibrancy and joy. A vibrant wellness health coach will integrate health, life, relationship, abundance, and other segments of the coaching industry into one all-encompassing coaching practice. The Many Facets of Vibrant Wellness Health Coaching Coaching vibrant health means you need to not only integrate many types of coaching, you also need to integrate many aspects of health and … [Read more...]

What is Assessment Coaching?

Assessment coaching is one of those things coaches think about, but often put off until later. I'm not talking about doing assessments with your clients; I'm talking about having assessments done on you! What is Assessment Coaching? When you assess something, you are evaluating a person, a place, an item, or even a situation. Something is compared against the norm, or against other people, places, items, or situations. Assessments gives you an idea of how you compare, what you need to … [Read more...]

What to Ask on an Online Coaching Questionnaire

An online coaching questionnaire is one of the best ways to get information from clients before you begin the coaching sessions. The magic in a coach questionnaire is in the questions you ask and in the way you follow up to those questions. Without the right follow up, the questions won't be potent or powerful. Why Create a Coaching Questionnaire? A comprehensive questionnaire will give you insights into what the client is seeking, and perhaps what is holding them back from reaching … [Read more...]

Develop a Success Coaching Network

Developing your own success coaching network is one of the best ways to cultivate business relationships and create a safety net of support around you. Everyone needs someone to lean on; everyone needs advice from time to time. Why not get that support and advice from another coach who can relate to your issues and problems? What is Gained For a Success Coaching Network? The first thing to be gained from a coaching network is encouragement, Other coaches know what you may be going … [Read more...]

Us Coach – Real Coaching Term or Headache for a Writer?

Do you know what an Us Coach is? Either do I. But, one of the keywords phrases generated by the trusty, well, maybe not so trusty, keyword generator was “us coach.” Hmm..let's search Google. Not much there, unless I should write about US Coach Tours, or Coach leather stores in New York, but that probably doesn't fit a coaching blog. Keyword Phrases That Make Life Difficult For a Writer This is just one of those awkward keyword phrases that are generated automatically with little regard … [Read more...]

Psychology Coaching, Team Sports, and Success in Your Coaching Business

Psychology coaching, team sports, and success are words you often see if the same article, and those articles are usually about sports. But, can you use these words in the context of your non-sports coaching? oaching is Not Team Sports Most coaches coach one-on-one, or they coach individuals in a group session; they are not coaching teams. But, many coaches work with individuals who take what they have learned and apply them within a framework that might be considered team oriented. … [Read more...]