Us Coach – Real Coaching Term or Headache for a Writer?

Do you know what an Us Coach is? Either do I. But, one of the keywords phrases generated by the trusty, well, maybe not so trusty, keyword generator was “us coach.” Hmm..let’s search Google. Not much there, unless I should write about US Coach Tours, or Coach leather stores in New York, but that probably doesn’t fit a coaching blog.

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Keyword Phrases That Make Life Difficult For a Writer

This is just one of those awkward keyword phrases that are generated automatically with little regard for grammar, the real world, or well, pretty much anything. For some reason, marketers love these strange keywords, but writers absolutely detest them.

Marketing With Keywords For Coaches

The digital age demands that most individuals and businesses use content marketing. Effective content marketing informs potential buyers of new products and services, and provides them with valuable information on whether the product or service is worth a look or a purchase. But, you can write the greatest content in the world, but it isn’t really great until someone sees it and reads it.

Great content needs great keyword phrases, or at least phrases for which prospective customers will be searching. Keywords are the critical component of SEO (search engine optimization) – this is what optimizes your search for greatest visibility on search engines such as Google. Effective keyword marketing, in your website, blog, and in the articles you write, mans you are going to reach the right people at the right time.

What Does “Us Coach” Have to Do With Marketing?

Coaches have to market to survive in a competitive industry. A coach can market through their website, a blog, a newsletter, offering free services such as a webinar, or through other products they call sell (books, DVDs, etc.) Marketing online means the proper use of keywords – without it, no one will know you exist online.

But, how do you know what keywords will work? Basically, you won’t really know until you try them out. Some are great, some, well, not so great. It’s basically throwing a bunch of stuff against a wall and seeing what sticks. But, that’s the great thing about online marketing – it’s not too difficult to write articles or create and change content on your website or blog. You can keep trying to see what works and what doesn’t!

Does “Us Coach” work? I have no idea. Does “Us coaching” work better? Maybe, but who knows. What does “us” stand for – perhaps it stands for the United States, or perhaps it’s the name of a relationship coaching business.

Test the Value of a Keyword

Here are a few ways to test the value of a keyword:

  • Ask yourself about relevancy – is the keyword phrase relevant to your coaching business?
  • Ask yourself about relevancy again – is the keyword phrases relevant to your content or subject of the article?
  • Will the potential traffic generated create a positive goal – more customers?
  • Look for search ads on various search engines (on the top and right hand side of the search results). Numerous search ads often means a high-value keyword.
  • Check the keyword out on Google (the most used search engine). Too many search results might man that it is a very highly used keyword, and too competitive for a new or small coaching business to use. It might be best to use a keyword phrase with some visibility, but one that is not too terribly exposed!
  • Use a keyword research tool, like Google Keyword Planner, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, and others.

Do I know if “us coach” was tested or analyzed with a keyword tool? No, I’m the writer and trust that this keyword can be used to generate some valuable traffic to a website. It’s up to me to create valuable content around that keyword. It’s up to the coach to check the keyword phrase, see if it works, and look for others that might inform and inspire prospective coaching clients.

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  1. Raniel Cruz says

    The value of a keyword cannot be overemphasized but it must reflect your business – the concept and content. It must be catchy and have that “instant recall” quality so it can attract the readers’ attention. Good!!

  2. John Jose says

    There are those who make up keywords which one, especially writers, cannot make sense of. Do avoid this error as it will not help you. Do follow the pointers in this article…they make a lot of sense! Yes!

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