What is Assessment Coaching?

Assessment coaching is one of those things coaches think about, but often put off until later. I’m not talking about doing assessments with your clients; I’m talking about having assessments done on you!

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What is Assessment Coaching?

When you assess something, you are evaluating a person, a place, an item, or even a situation. Something is compared against the norm, or against other people, places, items, or situations. Assessments gives you an idea of how you compare, what you need to work on, and how hard you need to work to achieve what you want to achieve.

Get Assessed and Get Going

Assessment coaching is probably a part of your coaching now. Whether you are a life coach, career coach, health and wellness coach, wealth coach, or any other type of coach, you have been using assessment methods to evaluate your clients. But, now it’s time to turn those assessments on yourself and point the lens at your own life!

Coaches Helping Coaches

This is where you, the coach, get to seek out the services of another coach. Hopefully, you have an active network of peers you can use to select the right coach to do you assessment coaching. Approach your search as any client would look for you – find a coach that fits your needs (specialty, budget, location), and do some research online before you choose. Perhaps the coach offers free information which gives you some insight into coaching methods. Perhaps the coach offers a free session. Perhaps the coach has a great reputation in your network. Either way – do your homework before you decide!

What an Assessment Coach Will do for You

Assessment coaching,/u> will look at a few areas of your life and work:

  • Ability/skills – helps you determine if your coaching specialty is right for you, and help you see where you need to improve with skills and knowledge.
  • Entrepreneurship – helps you determine if you are running your business in the best way possible. Most coaches don’t think of this when being assessed, but it’s an integral part of having a coaching practice.
  • Personal life – you are there to be assessed both as a coach and as a person. Don’t neglect your personal life; allow another coach to take a peek inside the real you, the one who sheds their coaching skin. Another coach can evaluate your goals, successes, failures, lifestyle, life balance between work and leisure, relationships, and more.

You Want Blunt and Honest Assessments

Coaches are used to being blunt with their clients – they tell it like it is! But, coaching another coach, especially about their coaching skills and business, can be difficult and treacherous. A coach may take off the gloves and play nice when coaching another coach. You definitely don’t want that! You need to make sure the coach you choose will offer blunt and honest assessment – if the coach is afraid to tell it like it is – your assessment coaching will be a waste of time!

Get assessed truthfully and honestly, and then you can get going on improving and achieving more in both your coaching practice and your life!

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  1. Layfon says

    In our life we need to pause and look back, to do a check, an analysis, to ponder on the state of things, our life, business, etc. in other words, we need an assessment so we know which or where we must improve.

  2. Dawn Alonzo says

    Coaches are people too and they would need an honest assessment from their peers for an improvement in both their business and their personal life. One who will tell it like it is! True! True! True!

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