Are There Any New York State Coaching Certification Requirements?

Believe it or not, there are no New York state coaching certification requirements. There are no regulatory government agencies to oversee the coaching profession. You can call yourself a coach, hang a sign in your window that says you’re a coach, and start coaching people as if you really were a coach.

Coaching Certification

You Can Call Yourself a Coach Anywhere

There are no New York state coaching certification requirements, no federal requirements, and no other state has placed any legal or education burden on coaches. It’s the wild, wild West, and a coaching free-for-all!

Accrediting Associations

Though anyone can call themselves a coach, and there are no legal New York state coaching certification requirements, coaches can receive accreditation from governing bodies such as the International Coach Federation, and the International Association of Coaching. Those these organizations and other coaching certification programs, which have been accredited, coaches learn about coaching ethics, skills, and core competencies. These help them become better coaches and offer more to their clients. Whether you are working in New York state or any other part of the country (or world), accreditation and certification

Even Though There are No New York State Coaching Certification Requirements…

You should get trained and get certified. If you’re ready to start coaching and don’t have your certification yet, by all means, go ahead and begin. Don’t procrastinate and delay the start of your career. But, as soon as you can, get started on coaching courses and our certification.

Coaches should be life-long learners and they should believe in the constant pursuit of education. These aren’t requirements, but they are necessary to the development of your skills. They are also crucial to your ability to attract and retain clients. Though not all clients will care if you have a certification, many do. As the coaching profession gets more competitive, more and more clients will be looking for that important piece of paper before they start shelling out some of their hard-earned cash!

Just because there is not even one New York state coaching certification requirement, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work toward a certification (or several certifications over the course of your career). A certification is basically your diploma, and many prospective clients want to see that diploma. Would you go to a doctor who hasn’t earned a diploma?

Plenty of Life Coaches and Plenty of Competition

According to IBIS World, coaching is a $1 billion industry. It grew by nearly 8% in the past five years, and is expected to continue its growth for the near future. New York, one of the nation’s most populous states, has plenty of life coaches. However, it is an unregulated industry because there are no New York state coaching certification requirements, or federal requirements.

However, coaching takes plenty of skill and knowledge. You can be born with some of that skill and lean some of that knowledge through life. But, to compete in today’s coaching market, you need to take courses and earn a certification – your coaching career and your success depend on it!

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  1. Queenie Coehelo says

    The absence of Coaching Certification Requirements does not mean that one who wants a career in coaching should not go through any study for it. If one wants success in any undertaking one needs the education and basic knowledge aside from skills.

  2. Angel Maravillas says

    How can you offer your services to help others if you are ill equipped? In this kind of career there are no short cuts – theory, knowledge, experience, and your personal skills and a certification is a must! True!

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