Psychology Coaching, Team Sports, and Success in Your Coaching Business

Psychology coaching, team sports, and success are words you often see if the same article, and those articles are usually about sports. But, can you use these words in the context of your non-sports coaching?

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oaching is Not Team Sports

Most coaches coach one-on-one, or they coach individuals in a group session; they are not coaching teams. But, many coaches work with individuals who take what they have learned and apply them within a framework that might be considered team oriented. Relationship coaches work with individuals who are interested in working better with a partner. Executive coaches often work with individuals who want to improve their leadership or teamwork skills.

Working with the psychology of an individual often has profound influence on a specific type of team. So, yes, you can consider these terms – psychology coaching, team sports, and success when working as a non-sports coach.

Psychology Coaching: Team Sports Improvement

Most sports are as much mental as they are physical. Life is pretty much like that, too. In fact, life is probably much more mental because most of us don’t have jobs or live a life that requires too much physical activity. We find success based on our minds.

So, if psychology coaching can improvement performance and lead to success on the playing field, and it definitely does, imagine what it does in life.

Psychology Coaching is No Joke

There’s an old funny saying that goes: Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist outta have their head examined. But, times are changing, and many teams are using psychologists and psychology coaching. Professional teams, college teams, Olympic teams – they see the value in having a psychology coach – it’s not a joke anymore.

But, in your coaching practice, whether it’s as a life coach, relationship coach, executive coach, or some other non-sports coach, can you use this concept of psychology coaching, team sports, and success to help clients?

Psychology Coaching, Team Sports, and Success in Your Coaching Business

In the realm of coaching, psychology coaching is usually referred to as positive psychology coaching. There are a few ways you can incorporate it into your practice. Many coaches already use positive psychology without knowing what it’s called – that’s because positive psychology coaching and what coaches have been doing for years are very closely related.

  1. Help people discover their strengths. Finding their strengths and talents is the best way to guide them to success.
  2. Promote optimism. You won’t change a pessimist into an optimist, but you can help clients find ways to think of good things, attract abundance, and be more hopeful more of the time.
  3. Find goals and purpose. Help clients identify goals by finding out about their ideal self – what would they be if they woke up one day and they had everything they wanted and were exactly who they dreamed of being.
  4. Teach and develop gratitude. Helping clients be grateful for what they have instead of being upset about what they don’t have is one of the best ways to increase optimism, and create hope and happiness.
  5. Teach mindfulness. Mindfulness is a broad concept and can be described in many ways – it is the gentle effort to be aware and involved in the present. Help clients see how changing the present can change the future.
  6. Bring a little psychology coaching, team sports, and a few motivational and inspirational techniques into your office. Be a coach – get enthusiastic, energetic, and talk about winning. Life isn’t a zero-sum game like sports – everyone can be a winner. You can be a psychology coach, team sports success coach without the uniforms, referees, and screaming crowds, and your clients will be much more successful for it!

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  1. Inah says

    I am convinced that psychology can be used in all kinds of coaching and help people reach their goals and attain their dreams. This is really good!

  2. Red Austria says

    I do believe in the six tips of how to use psychology in coaching. If I can adapt these in my life, I have no doubts I will attain success. Thumbs Up!

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