What is a Coaching Certification Volunteer?

Coaching certification volunteer – what does this mean? Hard to say – it's one of those awkward keyword phrases that writers have to deal with from time to time. Coaching certification volunteer – is there such a thing? What Does Google Say About Coaching Certification Volunteer? Not much. You put that phrase into Google's search box and you get several pages, but not much pertaining to these three words. You an change it to “coach certification volunteer” and the results aren't any … [Read more...]

What’s a Coaching Certification Volunteer?

Good question. In case you haven’t figured it out, coaching certification volunteer is the key word phrase for my blog post this week. In an effort to provide information that addresses peoples’ actual concerns, we use Google analytics to determine information that people are actually looking for. So you have this phrase: coaching certification volunteer. Now most of the time it is pretty clear what it is that people are looking for. But in this case, it is not. So, I am going to make a couple … [Read more...]