Design the Life You Want With a Career Life Coach

A career Life Coach exists to excel you toward a career that is thriving and a life you are excited to wake up to everyday. Your career is your stability for survival and a reflection of your individual talents. The extra effort and attention created by working with a career life coach is enough to transform your life experience. It might be time to think about what a career life coach could mean for you. Where to Start With a Career Life Coach When You’re Confused About Your Career The first … [Read more...]

Coaching Competency: Dealing with the Doubting Thomas

Sometimes the biggest challenge to your coaching competency is dealing with the Doubting Thomas; those whiners and complainers who just don’t believe coaching works, or worse, that your coaching works! 2 Types of Doubting Thomases * Those who stay away from coaching * Those who hire coaches. The first type, the ones who avoid coaches at all cost, are no problem. As coaches, you never see them, so they don’t bother you. It’s the second type, the ones who whine and complain, but … [Read more...]

Get Started as a Student Success Coach

As a student success coach, there are many potential areas of expertise to consider. You could coach high students, college students, or post-graduate students. You could select a particular subject or be more of a jack-of-all-trades. You could work on an individual basis, with groups, or even online. However, there is one area that is just calling out for experts. What is possibly the most lucrative niche for a student success coach? You guessed it - college-bound high school juniors or … [Read more...]

Why Do You Want to Become a Life Coach?

Here are three good reasons for wanting to become a life coach. They are not the only reasons but if your reasons don’t jive with these, it might be a warning flag; kind of like wanting to have kids, so you have someone to play with. First, You really Care about People Let’s face it: people can be pretty disappointing. They say they want to achieve something special, and then they fail – again and again. That’s life. That’s people. But if you want to become a life coach, you have to look … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Salary: Your Prices Increase With a Steady Climb

Life Coaching Salary  is a big topic among new coaches. Isn’t it amazing the professionals who are doing some of the most beneficial work, find it hard to determine their value? Where do you begin charging in the first year of your life coaching salary and what growth is possible? There are three big mountains to climb in the process of building your life coach salary. Mountain #1: Free Coaching You have reached out to your hot list and put the word out that you are a life coach eager to … [Read more...]

Review: Coaching Psychology Manual

If you want to be, are training to be, or already are a wellness coach, you should get your hands on a copy of Coaching Psychology Manual, by Margaret Moore and Bob Tschannen-Moran. Coaching Psychology Manual is designed to be a comprehensive guide for wellness coaches and those looking to get into the field. It comes complete with specific examples and real-life scenarios that can be studied and applied in your wellness coaching practice. Who Will Benefit From the Coaching Psychology … [Read more...]

Become a Christian Life Coach and Change People’s Lives

One of the best ways to make a good living and to truly help people change their lives is to become a Christian life coach. Becoming a Christian life coach is all about helping people get from point A in their lives to point B. Point A is where they are now and point B is where they want to be. How they get there will be based on Christian values. Why Become a Christian Life Coach? When you become a Christian life coach, you learn the skills that can help people get from point A to point B. A … [Read more...]

Three Great Reasons to Be a Student Success Coach

I love being a student success coach. The honest truth is that I get tired of working with adults. They get so wound up in their own self-pity. I frankly have had enough of overweight adults telling me how much they want to lose weight, and in the same breath how they just can’t pass up that piece of chocolate cake. I want to grab them by the lapels, shake them and scream: “Get your eyes off yourself for a change!” With students, young or old, you are dealing with an open and inquisitive mind. … [Read more...]

What is the Definition of Coaching?

Whether you are a potential coach or a potential client, it is good to have a clear definition of coaching. To come up with a good definition of coaching, it helps to know what coaching isn’t. What Coaching Isn’t Coaching isn’t consulting. Consultants often have experience in one specific area and are hired to solve a problem in that certain area. Consulting is specific while coaching can be both general and specific. Consulting is narrow; coaching is broad. Consulting is restricted; coaching … [Read more...]

The Education Needed to Become a Life Coach Starts With You

If you are thinking about getting into the life coaching business, you may be wondering about the education needed to become a life coach. Are their any educational requirements? There are no specific degrees needed to call yourself a coach. You don’t need a doctorate, a master’s, a bachelor’s, or even an associate’s degree. You don’t even need to be certified. There are no regulations requiring you to have a degree or a coaching certification. The education needed to become a life coaching … [Read more...]