Coaching Competency: Dealing with the Doubting Thomas

Sometimes the biggest challenge to your coaching competency is dealing with the Doubting Thomas; those whiners and complainers who just don’t believe coaching works, or worse, that your coaching works! 2 Types of Doubting Thomases * Those who stay away from coaching * Those who hire coaches. The first type, the ones who avoid coaches at all cost, are no problem. As coaches, you never see them, so they don’t bother you. It’s the second type, the ones who whine and complain, but … [Read more...]

Coaching Competency: Get Rid of the Gobbledygook

The health of your coaching business depends on your coaching competency and your coaching competency depends on how well you communicate with your clients. Most of your communication is done with words, though some can be done with examples, games, and non-verbal methods. But, words are the “meat” of your communication with clients. When communicating with clients, it is easy to resort to clichés and jargons that have been used over and over again. These mostly meaningless words and phrases … [Read more...]

Coaching Competency: Lessons From the Sweat Lodge Tragedy

We would not have expected law of attraction guru James Ray’s coaching competency to be anything less than stellar. He has years of experience; he contributed to the popular book, The Secret; and he even appeared on Oprah. People have paid thousands of dollars for his programs. And then three people died on his watch, trying to change their lives in a sweat lodge. So how much damage has he done to the coaching profession? What lessons can we learn? Coaching Competency Requires Proper Use of … [Read more...]