Why Do You Want to Become a Life Coach?

Here are three good reasons for wanting to become a life coach. They are not the only reasons but if your reasons don’t jive with these, it might be a warning flag; kind of like wanting to have kids, so you have someone to play with. First, You really Care about People Let’s face it: people can be pretty disappointing. They say they want to achieve something special, and then they fail – again and again. That’s life. That’s people. But if you want to become a life coach, you have to look … [Read more...]

Stages in Your Quest to Become a Life Coach: Ready for the Next Level of Coaches Training?

There are 4 stages that you need to go through to become a life coach. . Each stage will require different coaches training to get you to the next level. The first stage to become a life coach: You’re INTERESTED. You think about coaching, check out some websites and blogs. You may even talk about wanting to become a coach or enroll in coaches training. But you don’t, because being interested alone never got anyone off their chair. The second stage to become a life coach is COMMITTED. Now you … [Read more...]

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Life Coach With Your Own Practice? Or Should You Start Looking for Coaching Jobs Working for Others?

It sounds great to become a life coach and work from home, the beach, and make your own schedule.  And coaching jobs?  Working for only a small part of what your client pays?  Who needs that?  But before you quit your job, consider the following: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? You can’t just decide to become a life coach and start making lots of money right away. You might need to start by working harder than you ever have for anyone else, for little or no pay. You will have … [Read more...]