How to Become a Motivational Coach Who Gets Great Results: Coaching Training Exercise Most People Know About, But Won’t Do for Themselves

  The secret to how to become a motivational coach who gets great results is really no secret. In fact 9 out of 10 coaches know this, teach this, but don’t practice it themselves. And just like most other types of exercise, this coaching training exercise will only work if you make it part of your lifestyle. There is no fast and easy way to health and fitness, and there is no fast and easy way to peak performance and learning how to become a motivational coach. What is at the root of your … [Read more...]

Become a Business Coach, Walk Your Talk: Life Coaching Education to Implant Into Your Own Life

I’m looking outside the window of my office, watching a hot air balloon fly across the sky, and seeing a metaphor for some great life coaching education. Especially for people who want to become a business coach. If you can’t see the similarities of how to become a business coach and how to get a huge balloon to fly, then follow closely. Have you ever watched a team launch a hot air balloon? First the balloon has to be unfolded flat on the ground, and then filled. It takes a lot of energy and … [Read more...]

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Life Coach With Your Own Practice? Or Should You Start Looking for Coaching Jobs Working for Others?

It sounds great to become a life coach and work from home, the beach, and make your own schedule.  And coaching jobs?  Working for only a small part of what your client pays?  Who needs that?  But before you quit your job, consider the following: Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? You can’t just decide to become a life coach and start making lots of money right away. You might need to start by working harder than you ever have for anyone else, for little or no pay. You will have … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Education From the Future: Become a Cyber-Coach With Online Coaching Certification

I have to admit that after all the life coaching education I've received, I'm finally becoming a bit of a cyber coach.  I'm, for the first time in my life, seriously looking into online coaching.  Certification in the world of life coaching education has always been high quality, but very seldom do you hear about educating coaches to do a ton of business on the Internet.  I never thought I'd do it because I'm really so much into the whole 'organic' idea of coaching.  My life coaching education … [Read more...]

How to Become a Professional Life Coach: Coach Training Secrets You Can Use to Fill Your Practice With Paying Clients

I am going to reveal the secrets to how to become a professional life coach with paying clients. Are you tired of trying to talk your friends into doing a free coaching session with them? Do you cringe when you tell your potential clients what you charge? Or do believe you offer so much value you could double your rates? Do you lie awake at night trying to figure out how to find clients? This coach training will give you solutions you can start using immediately. Coach Training Secret #1: … [Read more...]

How to be a Life Coach Who Can Gain Instant Credibility With Your Clients: What Most Coaching Courses Won’t Tell You

Do you want to know how to be a life coach who can gain instant credibility with your clients? Do you want to know how to be a life coach who has a clear picture of your client’s behaviors, motivators and personal skills…even before the first session? Do you want to be able to do this before you take half a dozen coaching courses? The solution is using profiling and assessment coaching tools and skills. We offer certification and training for those who want to know how to be a life coach who … [Read more...]

How to Become a Motivational Coach Who Has What it Takes to Survive in Any Economy: Free Coach Training From The Survivors

Newsweek just published an amazing article that could have just as easily been titled Free Coach Training – Learn How to Become a Motivational Coach from the Experts. No, Newsweek is not going into the free coach training business. I’m referring to the February 2, 2009 issue titled, “What it Takes to Survive – Why some people walk away from a plane crash or thrive after a job loss, while others don’t stand a chance.” And what we can learn from this article is how to become motivational coach who … [Read more...]

How to Get National Coaching Certification: The REAL Way

What are the most important coaching certification criteria?  Here are the coaching certification criteria you should be looking for (in order from most to least important) during your search for the national coaching certification: 1.  Coaching Skills 2.  Coaching Communication / Leadership Skills 3.  Coach Personal Development 4.  Coaching Sales Skills 5.  Coach Marketing Skills 6.  Coach Time management skills 7.  Coaching Business management skills Here's the logic … [Read more...]

What Education is Required to Become a Coach: Important Life Coach Education

? No formal life coach education is required by any agencies at this time. Anyone can call him or herself a coach. But maybe the real question is what education is required to become a coach who can get results and transform people’s lives? Even within a single coaching session. That would be valuable life coach education. So that being said, if you are still reading you want to learn what education is required to become a coach who really produces results for clients. This is what … [Read more...]

Think That Professional Coaching Certification is All You Need to Become a Certified Coach? Think Again!

Are You Going Over Coaching Certification Criteria?  STOP Right Now And Read This. If you are considering different personal coaching trainings and going over different coaching certification 'criteria', then you need to rethink your criteria.  I'm not saying that coaching certification criteria is not important, it is.  If you get certified by the wrong life coaching training courses, or are trying to use coaching training for the wrong thing, then you could waste a lot of money on life coach … [Read more...]