How to Become a Professional Life Coach: Coach Training Secrets You Can Use to Fill Your Practice With Paying Clients

I am going to reveal the secrets to how to become a professional life coach with paying clients.

Are you tired of trying to talk your friends into doing a free coaching session with them? Do you cringe when you tell your potential clients what you charge? Or do believe you offer so much value you could double your rates? Do you lie awake at night trying to figure out how to find clients?

This coach training will give you solutions you can start using immediately.

Coach Training Secret #1: If you want to know how to become a professional life coach, get a coach. Pay for coaching.  Don’t be a hypocrite. If you don’t think coaching is valuable, who is going to believe you when you try to convince them? Plus, if you are paying someone you will value their time and expertise more than if you aren’t. It’s just human nature.

Coach Training Secret #2: When people ask me about how to become a professional life coach, I tell them to stop asking ‘HOW’ and just get started, and take massive action! Starting a coaching practice is like ripping a bandage off. Do it fast and get through the painful part as quick as possible. Write a short term goal that you know you can achieve in 2-3 months, and really go for it!

Coach Training Secret #3: If you want to experience the truth about how to become a professional life coach, you need to work at least 4-5 hours a week on your business. Work is making phone calls to schedule free sessions. What? You’ve already done a million free sessions and everyone acts like they’re doing you a favor? Change your mind set from a “free” session to a “strategy” session. And let people know what type of result to expect. For example tell them they will leave the session with written positive outcomes for their relationship or career, new awareness of what’s causing challenges in their lives or businesses, an action plan to help them move toward their goals. Even if you give them all the answers, 90% of people will not do what it takes to succeed…which is why they need you. Use urgency or scarcity.  Say something like, “I only have a few complimentary sessions for the rest of this quarter, do you want to be one of the 5?”

Coach Training Secret #4: Wondering about how to become a professional life coach who has leads raining down from the sky? Commit to 10 hours a week of leveraged lead generation activities such as web video, blogs, website, online Google advertising, email, public speaking, and joint ventures.  This type of activity doesn’t produce anything in the short term, so don’t look for instant gratification.  You’re playing for the long term anyway, right?  The good news is that if you keep up the work on this high level stuff, it’ll pay off BIG TIME for you in the future.  Most people just won’t take the time to do it consistently enough to get to the end game.  And they wonder how to become a professional life coach!

Now you know the secrets to how to become a professional life coach with a viable practice. If you are making 4-5 hours of calls per week to schedule free sessions, you should be able to set 2 to 4 free sessions a week…If you close 1 or 2 of those per week, you will have 4 to 8 new clients per month. After 2 or 3 months you will be close to having a full practice, and with a few referrals you will be on your way to making a nice income.

If I’ve omitted any crucial information in this coach training, or left any questions unanswered…feel free to post your question in the comment section.  I’ll answer them directly and/or in future articles.

Colette Seymann

Accountability Coach, JTS Advisors

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