Life Coaching Education From the Future: Become a Cyber-Coach With Online Coaching Certification

I have to admit that after all the life coaching education I’ve received, I’m finally becoming a bit of a¬†cyber¬†coach. ¬†I’m, for the first time in my life, seriously looking into online coaching. ¬†Certification in the world of life coaching education has always been high quality, but very seldom do you hear about educating coaches to do a ton of business on the Internet. ¬†I never thought I’d do it because I’m really so much into the whole ‘organic’ idea of coaching. ¬†My life coaching education taught me that technology isn’t the answer to life, the universe, and everything coaching, but in this economy it’s becoming not just a ‘should’ to go Internet but a ‘must’ to do it.

Why Bother Getting an Online Coaching Certification?

Why is it now a must for life coaching education to teach us how to do business on the Internet? ¬†one simple answer: it’s cheaper.
  • Coaching on the Internet costs $ .0005 every time I upload a video.
  • Coaching on the Internet costs $ .00001 for every bulk email I send.
  • Internet coaching makes working from anywhere in the world possible.
  • The Internet allows you to connect with more people without any extra costs.
  • The Internet allows you to be face to face with people that may never have the money or resources to be able to fly out to see you (think about Internet video).

Where was life coaching education when all this was developing?

Now that we are getting squeezed by less demand for our coaching services in the¬†recession, we’ve got to figure out how to offer the same service for a much lower cost, and for many coaches, their old model of doing seminars and one on one telephone based coaching is not going to work if they offer the services for 30-40% less.
That’s why ‘scaling up’ your coaching practice is now a must, and the¬†Internet¬†can be your buddy in causing that to happen without loosing your shirt. ¬†That’s exactly what my company is doing with our online coaching certification.

Resources to Explore: Your Preliminary Online Coaching Certification

  • The¬†Internet¬†can facilitate a group conversation (via networks like¬†face book, .ning, and twitter, or blogs with open comments like¬†wordpress).
  • The¬†Internet¬†can help you create a more intimate connection with clients (via video conferencing on¬†skype¬†or googletalk, or video distribution via¬†YouTube¬†or 100 other video portals).
  • The¬†Internet¬†can get you live with groups of people virtually ‘looking over your shoulder’ on¬†webinars¬†(using¬†gotowebinar¬†or¬†gotomeeting).
So create your own online coaching certification by exploring these types of services for yourself right now and see how much more value you can add as a¬†cyber¬†coach, and then pass the overhead savings on to your customers. ¬†If you are reaching enough coaching leads, then you’ll get more customers and make up the cost of your discount. ¬†Once you do that, you’ll be ready to market online. ¬†Life coaching education and online coaching certification never sounded better than at this time in our history!
Jeffrey T. Sooey
CEO, JTS Advisors
Founder, Coaches Training Blog Community
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