Basic Coaching Certification Criteria for Successful Coaches

All coaching programs have certain coaching certification criteria you need to meet in order to receive your certification. It's up to you to know what these criteria are, and to determine if they meet your needs when you are trying to start your career as a coach. Get a Certification – Earn More Money According to a 2012 ICF (International Coach Federation) global study, coaches who have a credential earn more than those without one. Being a credentialed coach is one way that you can … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification ‘Criteria’: What do You Need to Become a Coach?

When You Become a Coach, Do You Need to be Concerned About Coaching Certification 'Criteria'? The International Coach Federation (ICF) has certain coaching certification ‘criteria’ if you want to become a coach who has some credentials after your name. The ICF has 3 levels of certification, each with separate coaching certification ‘criteria’. Some people see certification as a valuable requirement to become a coach; others see it as a ‘money pit’. Which is it? Become a coach who makes your own … [Read more...]

How to Get National Coaching Certification: The REAL Way

What are the most important coaching certification criteria?  Here are the coaching certification criteria you should be looking for (in order from most to least important) during your search for the national coaching certification: 1.  Coaching Skills 2.  Coaching Communication / Leadership Skills 3.  Coach Personal Development 4.  Coaching Sales Skills 5.  Coach Marketing Skills 6.  Coach Time management skills 7.  Coaching Business management skills Here's the logic … [Read more...]

Think That Professional Coaching Certification is All You Need to Become a Certified Coach? Think Again!

Are You Going Over Coaching Certification Criteria?  STOP Right Now And Read This. If you are considering different personal coaching trainings and going over different coaching certification 'criteria', then you need to rethink your criteria.  I'm not saying that coaching certification criteria is not important, it is.  If you get certified by the wrong life coaching training courses, or are trying to use coaching training for the wrong thing, then you could waste a lot of money on life coach … [Read more...]