Think It’s Time to Get Your Life Coach Accreditation? The Enemy of All Rational Coaching Thought: Professional Coaching Certification

The Lie of Professional Coaching Certification .is a whole lot of BS.  Really.  We are coaches, and we're supposed to help people think outside the box, right? . Instead, we try to go and get our life coach accreditation... trying to get into a 'box' ourselves.  We have to get our professional coaching certification so we can fit into the great 'coaching guru's' definition of coaching, and then think that we are done with our coaching skills education.  Now all the coaching we're doing is … [Read more...]

Think That Professional Coaching Certification is All You Need to Become a Certified Coach? Think Again!

Are You Going Over Coaching Certification Criteria?  STOP Right Now And Read This. If you are considering different personal coaching trainings and going over different coaching certification 'criteria', then you need to rethink your criteria.  I'm not saying that coaching certification criteria is not important, it is.  If you get certified by the wrong life coaching training courses, or are trying to use coaching training for the wrong thing, then you could waste a lot of money on life coach … [Read more...]