What is Leadership Coaching and Why do You Need it More Than Ever?

What is leadership coaching and why is it needed in our modern world? Let's first define what leadership coaching is. What is Leadership Coaching? Leadership coaching is a personal development process that enhances an individual's ability to lead people to achieve professional and personal objectives, often within the framework of an organization and within the context of organizational goals. What is a Leadership Coach? A leadership coach is someone who empowers managers, executives, … [Read more...]

What is Transformational Leadership?

What is transformational leadership? Are you a transformational leader? Are you able to help clients make transformational changes in their lives? It will sure help your coaching practice if you can help transform the lives of your clients. Transformational leadership is one of the most popular theories on leadership. It is now used for both groups and one-one-one sessions though it is still thought of more applicable in a group session. But, what is transformation leadership and how do you … [Read more...]

The Niche of Women Leadership Coaching

Finding the right niche is a crucial component of success in the coaching field, and women leadership coaching is one of those niches that should be given serious consideration...especially if you are a woman! Why Women's Leadership Coaching? We live in a world mostly dominated by men, and a world controlled by hard power. What is hard power? It is the use of money, weapons, threats, and forceful words to gain an advantage, whether we are talking business or the balance of world power. Men … [Read more...]

Women’s Leadership Coaching For a Better World

One of the best niches in the coaching field just might be women's leadership coaching. Think about it – you have a large target market, women, who are hungry for leadership skills which will enable them to compete in a rapidly evolving world. Greater gender equality creates a better environment. The top five countries on the gender equality scale, as compiled by the United Nations Development Programme, are the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and Norway – all prosperous and … [Read more...]

Creating Videos on YouTube – Leadership Coaching

Here's a way to ratchet up your coaching business – YouTube leadership coaching videos. What are YouTube leadership coaching videos, you ask? Leadership coaching videos would consist of a series of videos designed to help the viewers learn more about leadership styles and skills. These, of course, are videos you produce and upload on to YouTube. These are videos that would promote your coaching practice. Creating Videos on YouTube - Leadership Coaching The first thing to do is create an … [Read more...]

Save the World with a Leadership Coaching Program

You might not think that a leadership coaching program could do that, but think again. Let’s face it. We are doing a terrible job addressing most of the world’s problems, whether it be environmental, social, medical or economic. And most of our lack of results can be traced back to a shortage of great leadership – leaders with a compelling vision of the future that get people out of their current trance of depression, and get them working for a better future. And that is just where YOU come … [Read more...]

5 Keys to Being a Leadership Coach Who Leads

Being a leadership coach means that you are either developing future leaders or you are attempting to inspire and motivate individual clients or groups to achieve specific goals. Coaches are usually trained on certain skills and techniques that make them more knowledgeable about the science of coaching. They learn theories, assessment tools, and practical exercises that can be used in coaching sessions. But, all the training and education in the world won't help if you lack a few essential … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaches Can Make All the Difference

Today in Washington, and corporations, and families, we are suffering terribly from a shortage of good leaders, and no one can have a more direct impact on this sorry state than leadership coaches. If you are interested in helping to fix this problem, become a leadership coach. Here is how. Coaching Comes First Leadership coaching is an area of specialization within coaching, so your first step is to become trained as a skill coach. I strongly recommend mastering assessment, strategy and … [Read more...]

20 Questions a Leadership Development Coach Needs to Ask

Coaching is all about asking questions, and as a leadership development coach, inquiry is the key. Leadership development coaching entails asking the right questions of your clients in order for them to find the right answers. Don't tell, ask! As a leadership development coach, your inquiry can fall into three principal categories. Here are the categories and the questions that are most likely to generate critical thought and personal reflection in your client while encouraging them to find … [Read more...]

The 3 Facets of Leadership Development Coaching

I believe that true leadership development coaching involves helping your client to excel as a follower, an assistant, and as a leader. Leaving any of these elements out will limit their capacity as a leader. Focusing only on “leading” has probably produced more megalomaniacs and done more harm than any other mistake in coaching. Three Hats and a Rope Long before becoming a coach, I was schooled in leadership at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) by the great Paul Petzolt. In … [Read more...]