Save the World with a Leadership Coaching Program

You might not think that a leadership coaching program could do that, but think again. Let’s face it. We are doing a terrible job addressing most of the world’s problems, whether it be environmental, social, medical or economic. And most of our lack of results can be traced back to a shortage of great leadership – leaders with a compelling vision of the future that get people out of their current trance of depression, and get them working for a better future. And that is just where YOU come in.

Powerful Coaching Is Just What Is Called For

Since powerful coaching is able to help the client to identify their goals, values and blocks to progress, it can help to crystallize a leader’s vision of the future. Since powerful coaching is able to help the leader bring together an effective team, it can give the leader the help they need to achieve their vision. Since powerful coaching can help the leader to communicate their vision in a compelling way, it can galvanize their followers into a high performance team that will accept nothing less than success.

A Leadership Coaching Program VS Leadership Coaching

A leadership coaching program can be organized to include not only the principal leader, but also subordinate leaders as well as the rank and file. This creates a comprehensive approach including not only how to lead, but also how to follow and how each follower is expected to take initiatives and own the outcome. Leadership coaching too often has the leader being coached in isolation. OK. Yes but certainly not the best approach.

Bigger Stakes for Bigger Rewards

By providing a leadership coaching program, you can engage the entire organization and have a profoundly greater impact than if you were playing a smaller game. And because of this you can expect to receive a much greater reward. By tying your compensation to actual results achieved, you put yourself on the line, but you also open the door to far greater satisfaction, recognition and riches. And in the process you will be doing your part to “save the world!”

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. Natalie says

    Having a leadership coaching program in place not only helps the leader but also his subordinates as well. The program can take the mission as a whole and help the organization work as a team to support their leader to accomplish their goals.

  2. Kazee says

    The leadership coaching program helps the leader become effective in what he does and part of being an effective leader is being able to communicate to his followers their vision. The program helps all see thr vision and works towards it hand in hand.

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