Leadership Coaching: More Impact and More Income

Leaders multiply their impact and value through others. With leadership coaching, you can do the same. Whether in business, public service or sports, we have all seen a group of people transformed from losers to champions with a change of leadership. Interesting, an effective leadership coach can often bring the same result by working with the original leader. The Acid Test of Leadership Effectiveness Leadership is not about titles. Leadership is not even about results. Leadership is about … [Read more...]

Coaching and Leadership: What’s the Difference?

Coaching and leadership are skills required of anyone who wants to make a big impact in this world. Leadership involves developing a compelling vision of the future, and sharing that vision in a way that draws followers who become dedicated to turning the vision into a reality. Coaching involves gaining insights into what makes individuals and groups do what they do. It also involves working with people to help them breakthrough barriers that hold them back from achieving their own goals and the … [Read more...]

Leadership Concepts A Leadership Development Coach Needs To Cover

As I reflect back on my experiences from leading Marines, I discovered what I was actually becoming was a leadership development coach. In order to be truly effective coach, one must integrate three major concepts of leadership and they are Authority, Responsibility and Accountability. Without the full power of each concept, you set your subordinates up for failure and this is by no means how a leader develops coaching skills. Now let’s take a closer look at what each of these three concepts … [Read more...]

The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching Revealed

  The art and practice of leadership coaching requires you to spend lots of time coaching, and you need to have plenty of patience. The only way to learn the art of leadership coaching is to practice it on a weekly  basis and get frequent constructive feedback from other coaches. It's important to get experience because you want to practice with another coach to ensure your leadership coaching will be effective for your paying clients straightway. Gain Competence In The Art And … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the Who and How of Leadership Coaching

What do you think of when you think about leadership coaching?  Probably the context of business is what comes to mind.  But leadership is an art and a skill set that your clients can use in many areas of life.  Sure, you might be a business coach helping an executive or a branch manager to increase productivity in her team, but you could just as easily be a parenting coach helping a dad figure out how to blend an argumentative, stressed out family into a harmonious and happy unit  The mindset … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaching: Why Your Client’s Company Went Bankrupt

They key to effective leadership coaching is to get people to do what they wouldn’t do otherwise.  This is the crux of motivation.  Ideally, the entire team needs to experience motivation in a way that amplifies each individual’s motivation.  This creates a powerful team and requires good leadership skills.  What are the key elements in coaching a team? Five Key Elements to Effective Leadership Coaching1 Create an Environment Where People Get Their Needs Met.  Just as individuals have a … [Read more...]

Leadership Coaching: It Starts With You

The best way to learn leadership coaching skills is to get on the court.  You will learn at a much deeper level when you apply coaching techniques to your own life and goals, and we all know that in leadership, it requires someone to volunteer to go first.  The first step in change is deciding what you need to do to change.  Decide what it is going to take to believe that you must change, and that the time is now.  Once you are there, you’re only a few steps toward transformation. Five Steps to … [Read more...]

Becoming a Leadership Coach Who is Powerful: How to Avoid Leadership Coaching Pitfalls

Becoming a leadership coach doesn’t equate to becoming the biggest, baddest coach on the block.  There is a great deal of skill and finesse in leadership coaching.  In fact, the definition of leadership has more to do with getting people to willingly do what they wouldn’t otherwise do rather than to forcibly get them to do something.  So what does leadership coaching look like?  And how does one embark on the path to becoming a powerful and effective leadership coach? Leadership Coaching … [Read more...]

Leadership Training and Coaching: Helping Your Leadership Coaching Client Develop Leadership Qualities

In your leadership coaching practice, how do you know what leadership training and coaching is best for your client?  The obvious answer would be to duplicate the leadership coaching that top leaders have received.  The problem with that is that leadership training and coaching is not the same as other skills.  It is different because your client cannot take a weekend course in leadership, get a certification, and suddenly people follow your client much more than before. Leadership Training and … [Read more...]