Coaching Certification Fraud: The Ultimate Identity Theft?

Coaching certification fraud is more common than most people realize. What’s really curious is that most consumers don’t care once they’ve taken the bait. Think about people like Dr. Laura and Dr. Phil, neither of who have a doctorate degree. Do their fans care? If some do, it doesn’t appear to significantly affect either Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura’s popularity. It may even enhance their popularity! Is coaching any different? What is Coaching Certification Fraud? Coaching certification goes beyond … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification Was Like Surviving A Tornado

Coaching certification turned my life up side down. It was like surviving a tornado. Being coachable is the number one reason why I've been able to succeed. To get certified, you need to be fully committed to spend 15 hours a week with your feet to the grind grudging through your written assignments and peer coaching sessions. You'll go through a real psychological upheaval for the better. Once you come out on the other side of the certification tornado, you have the keys to motivation, … [Read more...]

Coaching Scandals And Lack Of Coaching Certification: Related?

No kind of formal coaching certification is required to call yourself a life coach.  Is that a problem?  I never thought so.  But recently in the news there have been two horrific events in our profession.  One was a sex scandal involving sexual abuse of a client by someone calling himself a life coach.  The other was the tragedy of three people dying because they stayed in a sweat lodge unmonitored and beyond endurance at the exhortation, although not command, of a well respected coach.  So … [Read more...]

Do You Need To Be Certified To Be A Life Coach Or Is Coaching Certification A Waste of Time?

Coaching certification is great, but do you need to be certified to be a life coach? What reasons are there for getting a coaching certification? These are great questions to ask if you want to be a life coach. One popular reason to get coaching certification would be to learn coaching techniques. Another reason would be to help your prospects believe you are qualified to coach them. Yet another reason could be that you believe you will get more clients than someone who does not have a … [Read more...]

How to Get National Coaching Certification: The REAL Way

What are the most important coaching certification criteria?  Here are the coaching certification criteria you should be looking for (in order from most to least important) during your search for the national coaching certification: 1.  Coaching Skills 2.  Coaching Communication / Leadership Skills 3.  Coach Personal Development 4.  Coaching Sales Skills 5.  Coach Marketing Skills 6.  Coach Time management skills 7.  Coaching Business management skills Here's the logic … [Read more...]

Become a Life Coach Without Waiting for National Coaching Certification

When people ask how to become a life coach before they get enough hours to apply for national coaching certification, they often really mean, “How do I get clients that pay me so I have some credibility and can tell people that I am a coach?” What they are also wondering is, “Who is going to pay me to be their coach?” and “how will I step into the role of a life coach?”   The Credibility Gap, And National Coaching Certification A lot of new coaches ask me “Who will believe me?” … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification

Coaching certification in my mind is an essential part of coaching mastery. While some would argue that coaching training is enough, consider that coaching is now a booming industry which means competition is increasing for a market that is still relatively small. By that I mean that there are still many individuals and companies who either don’t know about coaching, do not understand the value versus consulting, or have used unqualified poorly trained coaches with resulting experiences that … [Read more...]

Coaching Certification…Do I need it to become a coach?

Do you need coaching certification to become a coach?  Fortunately, the answer is no.  I say that because the ICF (International Coaching Federation), which is the primary certifying body for coaches worldwide, will not even look at your application until you have at least 250 hours of PAID coaching under your belt, and that’s for the first level.  Think about it.  If you are just starting out and coaching 10 hours/week... you are very fortunate.  But even at this rate, it will take at least 6 … [Read more...]