Stop War and Make Love with a Relationship Coaching Certification

With a relationship coaching certification you can change the world, one couple, or even one single looking for love, at a time. You can help create peace, love, harmony, and happiness with your certification. Stop Warring Couples and Make Loving Couples The heart of being a relationship coach is working with couples to make a relationship stronger, heal wounds in that relationship or help them elevate their bond to an unprecedented level. Though coaches sometimes work with happy … [Read more...]

Relationship Coaching Certification

Let’s take a serious look at relationship coaching certification – one word at a time. Some certification programs are great, just as some non-certification programs are too. But many relationship coaching certification programs aren’t worth a damn. For now, here are the three components of today’s subject: relationships, coaching and certification. Common Issues in Relationships Let’s start with three different words: communications, sex and money. A pastor named Cole Edwin wrote a … [Read more...]

Get Your Relationship Coaching Certification Now!

Thinking of getting a relationship coaching certification? Perhaps you have had a great relationship for several years and think you know the keys to successful relationships. Or, perhaps you have worked in the field as a marriage counselor or in a similar capacity, and want to move into the coaching business. If so, getting your relationship coaching certification may be a great move for you. Relationships are one of the most important things in a person's life. Career, health, finances, … [Read more...]