Get Motivated to Earn Your Motivational Coach Certification

Motivational coaching is a fancy name for a life coach, and exists as a niche within the life coaching field, so how do you get motivated to earn your motivational coach certification and begin your career in this rewarding field? What is a Niche? A niche in the coaching industry exists at the nexus of high demand and little competition. If you can find a segment of the coaching industry which has many potential clients yet there are few coaches marketing to those clients, you have a … [Read more...]

Niche Motivational Coach Certification

In the past, I have written about finding a niche in the coaching field, and getting a niche motivational coach certificationis a great option for experienced or new coaches. This brings up the question – what is a niche and what is a good niche field in which to pursue a motivational coach certification? What is a Coaching Niche? A niche is merely some segment of the coaching field that is more specific. For example, life coaching is not a niche, but life coaching for children of Alzheimer's … [Read more...]