Get Motivated to Earn Your Motivational Coach Certification

Motivational coaching is a fancy name for a life coach, and exists as a niche within the life coaching field, so how do you get motivated to earn your motivational coach certification and begin your career in this rewarding field?

What is a Niche?

A niche in the coaching industry exists at the nexus of high demand and little competition. If you can find a segment of the coaching industry which has many potential clients yet there are few coaches marketing to those clients, you have a niche. For example, life coaching is a wide category of coaches that help people achieve goals and dreams in different aspects of their lives, such as career, relationships, family, health, wealth, and more – this is definitely not a niche. However, being a life coach to recovering addicts, or a life coach to retired athletes, are niches within the life coaching field.

A motivational coach is merely a life coach who focuses on the motivational aspects of achieving goals. As a motivational coach, it is possible to further narrow your niche. For example, you can become a motivational coach for cancer survivors, or a motivational coach for individuals going through bankruptcy. It is important not to narrow your niche too much – there needs to be a firm demand for your niche services and enough potential clients to draw from.

What is a Motivational Coach Certification?

A certification is not required in the coaching business, but they are nearly essential for coaches who want to establish themselves and be on the road to success and prosperity in the industry. A motivational coach certification is like any other coaching certification – it tells the public that you have fulfilled specific training and educational requirement to be a coach and points to your dedication to the craft. A motivational coach certification will not ensure success, but it is one vital piece of the puzzle of a successful coaching career.

Who Should Get a Motivational Coaching Certification?

Anyone with a true interest in helping people find the motivation to succeed and prosper in any endeavor or aspect of life should consider this niche. If you are a life coach, but are looking for a specific field in which to excel, this is a hot field. Supplementing your training and certifications with a motivational coach certification is the perfect way to steer your business in to a hot niche without deviating too far from your foundation as a life coach.

Go For Your Niche!

A niche is the best way to establish yourself as a big coaching fish in a small pond. Finding the correct niche and becoming a “name” in that niche can quickly push you to the top of your profession…and in to a higher tax bracket! There are so many open and unsaturated niche within the coaching industry, it might be prime time for you to find yours! Get motivated and start motivating others with your coaching!

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  1. Hanna says

    Having a niche in the coaching industry is the way to go and motivational coaching is a niche that you can enter. Acquiring a coach certification for this is even better as a certification validates your credibility as a coach and gives you the right knowledge and tools of how to go about your niche

  2. Jocelyn says

    Acquiring a motivational coach certification can boost your career as a coachand broaden your knowledge as one.

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