Certified Life Coaching May be the Perfect Career For You!

Do you think certified life coaching is for someone else and not for you? Do you think you lack the skills to be a coach? Well, think again – certified life coaching might be the best career move you can make. You should know that you do not have to be certified to start coaching. That’s right, you can begin coaching without any type of certification. Just hang out a sign, put a classified ad online and call yourself a coach. Why Get a Coaching Certification? Just as people go to school to … [Read more...]

To Become a Certified Life Coach or Not – That is the Question

To become a certified life coach or to not become a certified life coach, that is the question. Ok, I stole from the Bard of Avon to get the first sentence, but forgetting Shakespeare for a moment, to become a certified life coach or not may be a question some of you are asking. What Do You Need To Become a Certified Life Coach? Here’s what you need to become a certified life coach - no BS. Passion for helping others Dedication to the coaching profession Training, education, and … [Read more...]

What is Certified Wellness Coach Training?

Certified wellness coach training is designed to empower, educate, and establish trained and certified wellness coaches. If you have a passion for coaching and believe that wellness is the segment of the coaching industry that is right for you, certified wellness coach training is your first step on the way to a dynamic and profitable career. Who Should Take a Certified Wellness Coach Training Program? People with a love for coaching and helping others are the ideal candidates for a certified … [Read more...]

JTS Master Coach Certification Training

A group of new coaches recently completed the 2011 Master Coach Certification Training seminar, led by Jeffrey Sooey. Where Was The Master Coach Certification Training Seminar Held? The Master Coach Certification Training Seminar was held from November 10-13. It took place at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in historic St. Augustine, near Jacksonville, Florida (by the Matanzas bay). It was three days filled with tremendous, cutting edge information. The unique thing about this seminar is that … [Read more...]

Are Accredited Online Coaching Programs Scams?

I wouldn’t say that accredited online coaching programs are scams, even though at times it might seem like it. There are many good life coaching schools that offer accredited online coaching programs and just as many fine programs that are not accredited. What’s The Big Deal About Accreditation? Choosing the right coaching school will affect your future as a coach. But whether the school is accredited or not should not be your main criteria and here are the reasons why: First off there … [Read more...]

How To Tell If A Certified Life Coach Online Training Is A Lemon

Certified life coach online training companies are popping up everywhere these days. There are so many certified life coaching trainings online and no one to really objectively critique the quality. Even the International Coaching Federation has dropped the ball here and failed to do more than create hoops for training companies to jump through, without really assessing the level of competence of their graduates. So what's a would be coach to do? You have to be ready to do your homework before … [Read more...]

Why Do You Need a Business Coaching Certification?

The fact is you don’t need a business coaching certification. However, to succeed in this market whether you want to have your own business as a business coach, or to be an internal company business coach, it might be helpful to have one. It all depends on the outcome you wish to achieve. If you wish to coach and develop staff within an organization, certification may not be necessary, but it might be desirable depending on what sort of company you want to work for. For example if you have … [Read more...]

Do You Need A Degree To Become A Life Coach?

One of the most common questions I get is, “Do you need a degree to become a life coach?” The simple answer is no, the IFC is not going to crack down on your coaching business for failure to have a degree, license or any other type of certification. Coaching is a relatively open field with few barriers to entry. Just hang your sign and start enrolling clients. Why Do You Need A Degree To Become A Life Coach? People are tighter with their money these days. They want more value for their dollar. … [Read more...]

The Death Of Certified Life Coach Online Training

Halloween is right around the corner and although certified life coach online training may not be dead, some aspects of it are quite ghoulish. How do you shift through the rubble in the midst of the myriad of certified life coach online trainings? You definitely want to do some detective work before you invest your hard earned dollars so you aren't left in the dark all alone at the end of the night. How To Tell If Your Certified Life Coach Online Training Is Real or An Apparition Anyone can … [Read more...]

Five Steps On How to Obtain a Christian Coaching Certification

What is the difference between a Christian coaching certification and other life coaching certifications? The main difference is that Christian coaching training is based on Biblical principles. Your clients will expect you to help them come up with strategies they can implement based on the Bible. Other coach training centers around the client's goals where as Christian coaching is centered around what God expects of your client in all areas of their life. Christian coach training … [Read more...]