Any Coaching Certification Can Be Called a Motivational Coaching Certification

Is there such a thing as a motivational coach certification? Perusing the Internet you can find many different types of coaching certifications, but it’s not easy to find one that is centered on motivation. What is Motivational Coaching? Being a motivational coach is not really any different than being a life coach, or any other type of coach. You are hired to help clients get motivated to achieve goals. You are hired to identify goals, encourage, inform, support, reflect, assess, and … [Read more...]

Can a Motivational Coaching Certification Help You Become a Motivational Speaker?

Motivational speakers make good money, but is it possible to get that great gig if you have a motivational coaching certification? Well, it's start, but it's not a ticket that will gain you admission to this rarefied field. What is a Motivational Coaching Certification? A motivational coach is merely a life coach who uses a fancy name or who has found a specific niche within the life coaching field. A motivational coach certification is, therefore, very similar to a life coaching … [Read more...]

Is Your Goal Motivational Coaching Certification?

Well if your goal is motivational coaching certification, you can just stop right there! That’s right. Just stop right there. Not if you expect to be a real coach. I know we all want to be the ones that make things happen, but not here. And certainly don’t take any comfort in being certified at it. It’s NOT about Certification That’s right. It’s NOT about certification. Heck, the fact is that you can get someone to “certify” you as almost anything that you can imagine. I mean you can get … [Read more...]