Would You Want Free Psychology Coaching Training?

Times are tough, money is tight, fees and expenses keep going up, and coaching practices may feel a bit squeezed, but if you were working on becoming a psychology coach, would you want to get free psychology coaching training? You've heard the saying, β€œyou get what you pay for”? So, if you were trained to be a coach with free psychology coaching training, how good do you expect that training to be? How Do You Get Free Coaching Training? Free training can come in many forms, and some of it … [Read more...]

Does a Weight Loss Surgery Coach Training Program Exist?

The question is not a common one – Does a Weight Loss Surgery Training Program Exist? - but, it may be one that becomes increasingly important. A report issued last year by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation predicts that 50 percent of American adults will be obese by 2030. Currently, 35 percent of adults and 17 percent of children, aged 2 to 19, are obese. Because obesity raises the risk for a number of diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart … [Read more...]

Is an Accredited Coach Training Program Necessary?

If you are thinking of becoming a coach, you may be wondering if an accredited coach training program is necessary. There is no definitive answer to the question, but for most individuals it is better to take one of the many accredited coach training programs available today. Life or any other type of coaching is not regulated in the United States. Anyone can hang out a shingle, place an ad in the classifieds, or build a website, and call themselves a coach. The low cost and ease of entry … [Read more...]

The Fast-Track Academy for Coach Training

Looking around the Internet, there are hundreds of coaching programs and many seem to offer their services as a fast-track academy for coach training. What does fast-track training mean? Are these accelerator programs only for people who are not currently in the work force, or are they available to anyone with a strong desire to become a coach? Most fast-track academies for coach training are designed for extremely motivated people who are seeking a fast-paced, certified coaching model that … [Read more...]

If I Were King of the Coaching World – My Career Coach Institute

If I were king of the coaching world, I would create the best damn career coach institute on the planet. This institute would have the best teachers, classes, and resources that money could buy. So, let's pretend for a moment that I have money, and as a king, I suppose if I didn't have money, I could just tax the people and get some of their money Since I have all the money in the world, I can create my career coach institute however I desire.   My career coaching institute would … [Read more...]

My Coach U

If I were building a coaching university, completely dedicated to teaching potential coaches how to train for, start, maintain, perfect, and push to its limits of success, a coaching practice, what courses would I have at my Coach U? The Curriculum at My Coach U General Overview of Coaching. This is the first class that a student at my Coach U would take. It details the purpose of coaching, the fundamental traits and attributes of a successful coach, the reasons that coaches coach, and why … [Read more...]

The Top Five Books That Are as Good as Executive Coaching Courses

Executive coaching courses are part of a executive coaching curriculum in any accredited coaching program. Even after earning a coaching certification, continuing education is essential for each and every coach. However, you do not always need to go back to school to further your education – sometimes you can just open a book, or turn on your e-reader. Executive Coaching Courses in the Palm of Your Hand There are plenty of great books on coaching – principles, theories, techniques, and … [Read more...]

Personal Coaching, Training for Success

The world is a very competitive place and a personal coach can help motivate and inspire their clients; personal coaching, training for success in a competitive world. Whether a client desires improvement in athletics, health, relationships, career, or life in general, a personal coach can help their clients identify goals, determine the best possible course to reach those goals, and inspire them to achieve greatness as they realize their dreams. Personal coaching, training for success involves … [Read more...]

Coaching + Training = Profits

Formula: Coaching + Training = Profits. What does this formula mean? Well, to break it down, it means: coaching experience plus continual training will put you into a higher tax bracket. Admittedly, many coaches start out making almost abysmal pay. Starting salaries for coaches can be low and if you are starting your own coaching practice, it takes months or years to build up a solid client base that will generate a very good income. But, if you remember the formula, coaching + training = … [Read more...]