A School of Coaching That Ignores Profit is No School at All

A good school of coaching should not only teach you how to help your clients reach their dreams, it should also give you the tools necessary to reach your own dreams. Too often schools of coaching focus on providing their students will the knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools needed to successfully coach individuals and help them realize their potential and reach their dreams. However, many schools either offer no training or rudimentary information on starting and maintaining a profitable … [Read more...]

Your Life: the School of Coaching and How to Use it to Advance Your Life Coach Career

What is The Real School of Coaching? The real school of coaching is your life, and what you do with it.  No matter what you do, life will always offer the next life coaching lesson and give you a chance to improve your life coaching skills. Your life can’t be separate from your life coach career everything you do in one area of your life impacts every other area.  like a J.O.B. How do you know you can help others handle their challenges? How do you know you can make a difference for others … [Read more...]