Accredited Online Coaching Courses

Accredited online coaching courses come from accredited institutions of higher learning, which have been carefully evaluated and proven to be in compliance with standards that have been established by a recognized governing body. For example in the United States, the American Association of Medical Colleges accredits medical schools, the American Bar Association accredits law schools, and organizations like the Western Association of Schools and Colleges accredits many colleges and universities … [Read more...]

You are Not Going to Find a List of Accredited Online Life Coaching Courses Here

If you are looking for a list of accredited online life coaching courses, you may be having trouble finding them. This is not because of too little information, it is because of too much information. If you put “list of accredited online life coaching courses” into a search engine, you will obtain very few relevant and useful results. However, plug “ accredited online coaching courses” into the search engine box and you will receive nearly 20 million results. There are thousands of coaching … [Read more...]