Life Coach Relationship Training Homework – 5 Step Plan

Is there any life coach relationship training homework that helps your clients find that old relationship magic? Can you design a homework plan for your clients which will help them put spice back in to a tired relationship?

Everyone is different and every relationship is unique, however, there are similarities in any relationship. In a survey from the National Institute of Marriage, unconditional acceptance and companionship were the most common wants in a relationship. Trust and emotional security were the next two on the list. Life coach relationship training homework should not only focus on these wants, it should also focus on finding ways to have fun and to relight that flame.

No matter what you work on in individual sessions, a relationship needs more time to repair than just a few sessions a month. To supplement the progress you make in a session, some life coach relationship training homework should be assigned. Here is a five-step homework plan to help your clients find love again:

5 Step Life Coach Relationship Training Homework

  1. Each partner should talk about needs. In the comfort of their own residence, with the television off and cell phones put away, the couple should have an honest talk about their needs. This should not be criticism of their partner, but merely a statement of needs. I love to go out dancing once in awhile. I enjoy a romantic dining once a month. I need help with cleaning the house. I enjoy watching football on Sundays. I need to go out with my friends occasionally. These are needs. Don’t say: You just sit on the couch all day and never help clean the house. You get mad when I want to go out with my friends.
  2. Talk about ways to improve your relationship. Both partners should contribute ways to ameliorate their partnership and put some fun back in it. Again, criticism should be avoided, but suggestions are encouraged.
  3. Take action. This is where life coach relationship training homework gets put in to gear. As a coach, you must encourage your clients to take action. This is where they set up dates. They should plan to do some of those things they talked about. Do something to address their partner’s needs. She likes to go out dancing? Set up a night and find a great club in which to boogie the night away. He likes to watch football with his friends – make it a party and make his favorite food and turn up the volume on the big screen. Taking positive action to fill a partner’s need says “I love you” more than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates.
  4. Assess. A relationship is a constant work in progress. As individuals we change and our relationships change with us. As your clients work on their life coaching relationship training homework, you must remind them to assess the progress. This should take place in sessions and with their partner.
  5. Continue to take action. Basically the same as step three, except this step reminds your client that homework never ends. If the want to make a relationship work, as weird as it seems, it does take work. It should not be a constant struggle, or take a Sisyphean effort, but all good things in life do take some training and work. The life coach relationship training homework you assigned will only bear fruit, if it becomes part of their relationship. If it does, then you have done your job as a life coach.

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  1. Marlon says

    Great relationship training homework plan! If couples are able to follow this then less relationships will result in separation. Action on these and a fruitful relationship will emerge.

  2. Claire says

    All relationships go through rough patches and if each individual is intent to making things work, then this is the first step to fixing the relationship. There is no sure fire plan to making things work but knowing what to do and taking action is the best way to go!

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