The “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System

The road to enrolling a new coaching client is typically HARD.

  • Create content.
  • Post on social media.
  • Go to networking events.
  • Deliver webinars.
  • Make an opt-in page.
  • Create a compelling offer.
  • Make invitations.

…and all of that just to get them to a Discovery Session.

THEN you still have to give them a GREAT experience in the discovery session.

And there’s STILL no guarantee they’ll enroll.

When potential clients don’t enroll on the spot

(and that happens a good amount of the time)

…it can leave you wondering “What more could I have done?”

But there IS one thing you can do

…even after the Discovery Session has passed.

And it DOUBLES your coaching enrollments.

without gimmicks

without sketchy sales techniques

without fancy technology

…and without having to talk to people that aren’t interested in your coaching.

And, even better…


(But 9 out of 10 coaches COMPLETELY MISS this ONE THING.)

What is it?


Most coaches run a Discovery Session…

…and when the client doesn’t enroll ON THE SPOT……they give up on the client.

Follow up system wheel

They don’t bother to follow up EVEN ONCE.

The painful truth? That client would’ve enrolled in coaching.

But instead, the coach wasted the time they spent with that client.

So why don’t coaches follow up?

One reason – follow up looks like work.

Another reason – coaches don’t know HOW to follow up.

For instance, Lisa did a discovery session with a potential client.

A few days later, the client sent her this message:

“I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Sounds good so far!

But when Lisa called the client to enroll them…

…she had to leave a message…

…and the client DIDN’T call her back.

Lisa asked me “Should I follow up with her, or wait for her to call back?”

Lisa didn’t have a follow up system.

So I taught her…

The “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System:

  1. Make a list of anyone who completed a discovery session with you in the last 90 days.
  2. Follow up with them at least 5 times (no more than 10 times). Use phone, email, and any other way you have to contact them.
  3. If they don’t respond… Leave a “take-away” message.
  4. Wait 90 days, then repeat until: 1. They say ‘no’. or 2. They become your client.

What is a “take-away” message?

A take away message is an elegant way of letting the client know…

…that they have something to LOSE or miss out on… thus the “take away”.

What might the client ‘have to lose’?

  • They could miss out on coaching with you (if you run out of openings).
  • They could miss out on their desired start date for their coaching.
  • They could miss out on preferential pricing for your coaching.
  • They could lose your consistent follow up.

A take away message is an elegant way of letting the client know…that they have something to LOSE or miss out on… thus the “take away”.

For instance, your take away message could be:

“Hi Mary, it’s Lisa at 321-987-6543. The last time we spoke, you were interested in overcoming your fear of commitment and enjoying a long lasting romantic relationship.

I’ve left a few messages for you because I’d love to help you, but my schedule won’t allow me to continue to get back with you after today. Please call me back at 321-987-6543. If I still have space to help you, we can talk about what the next steps would be. Take care.”

What Happened to Lisa?

Lisa applied the “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System.

She had told me about a recent enrollment, and I texted her, asking her “did that client ever call you back?”.

Here’s her text back to me:

Text message

YOU can do what Lisa did.

After you’ve made such an investment in a potential client…

Follow up.

That’s all that’s left to get the client to enroll.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

The odds are, you could significantly increase your coaching enrollments if you add the “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System.

The odds are, you could significantly increase your coaching enrollments if you add the “Post Discovery Session” Follow up System.

Want something that will help enroll your client even if you DIDN’T do ANY follow up?


Post content.

Videos, podcasts, webinars, emails, etc. (in a way where your potential clients will receive them).

Posting content is a form of “subtle” follow up.

Posting content is a form of “subtle” follow up.

All that’s required is that the potential client is subscribed to your content.

This version of follow up won’t be personal…

…so they will be less likely to respond compared to a personal contact…

…but if you keep posting content, some of them WILL RESPOND.

The “NO REJECTION FOLLOW UP” system won’t take the place of follow up, but it’s BETTER THAN NOTHING.

The “NO REJECTION FOLLOW UP” system won’t take the place of follow up, but it’s BETTER THAN NOTHING.

And NOTHING is what most coaches do.

Why (other than ignorance)?

5 mindsets get in the way…

…and if you allow them to limit your coaching business, they cost you many paying clients:

Mindset #1: “Follow Up Doesn’t Work”

A recent study revealed that 80% of enrollments require 5 follow up attempts after a discovery session…

….but 44% give up after 1 follow up attempt.

That’s statistical proof that following up works (not to mention, how rare it is).

It also shows that you can’t be stingy with follow up, since following up at least 5 times puts the odds in your favor.

Potential clients have different timelines to make a decision.

Some make a decision right after the discovery session, and others may take 10 follow up messages.

So you can think “follow up doesn’t work”…

…but you’d be wrong.

Recently, a potential client told me he wanted to sign up for coaching.

I followed up with him many times.

His voicemail was always full.

I emailed and texted him several times after that.

He responded once over messenger…

…but kept stalling at every step.

Finally, after following up 6 times, I enrolled him in coaching.

There are countless reasons why potential clients don’t chase you down to enroll in coaching after their Discovery Session.

Forget about their reasons.

They are none of your business.

Your business is to follow up.

Mindset #2: “I tried following up a few times, but they didn’t get back to me.”

So what?

Every time you follow up, you’ll be painfully aware of doing so…

…but your client probably doesn’t even notice.

You might feel like you are bothering them…

…but THEY aren’t feeling ANY of that.

A recent study revealed that 80% of enrollments require 5 follow up attempts after a discovery session…but 44% give up after 1 follow up attempt.

THEY aren’t paying attention to how many times you are following up.

They are just busy, distracted, obligated, or otherwise ‘out of pocket’.

Let them be…

…and carry on with your follow up.

Mindset #3: “It’s the client’s responsibility to get back to me.”

Your potential client has less time available than you do to give attention to coaching.

They are at their job, or living their life, dealing with things you have no idea about.

This is why it’s so valuable for you to follow up with your potential clients…

…to remind them of what is possible in their life.

It’s not your clients job to lead you…

…it’s your job to lead your clients.

It’s not your clients job to lead you…it’s your job to lead your clients.

It’s not their job to provide you with a “yes” or “no” answer to your coaching…

…it’s your job as the coach to help them decide on a “yes” or “no”.

Mindset #4 “They’ll get back to me when they’re ready… I’ll wait for them.”

Don’t wait for your client to ‘get back to you’.

And your client doesn’t need to be ‘ready’.

‘Ready’ is for cakes and pies… not clients.


Also, many potential clients have a window of time where they’re financially equipped to start coaching.

These clients have a finite amount of disposable income…

…and if you don’t strike while the iron is hot, your client’s money ‘spends itself’.

The money they were going to use on coaching… automatically flows to some other urgent need.

Their car will break down, the family will need some help, etc.

Few people have “extra money” lying around for long, so it’s really critical to enroll potential clients while the money is still available.

Maybe your client is ready and just afraid.

Your following up provides reassurance, and may be the support they need…

to overcome that fear.

Mindset #5 “What if they get mad at me?”

Some coaches are afraid of the client rejecting them, yelling at them, or getting upset.

You could think not hearing back from your potential client means you are being rejected or they’re not interested.

Sometimes, you’re right.

Maybe they’re not interested in coaching with you.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll mistreat you for reaching back out to them!

Over the thousands of clients I’ve followed up with throughout my coaching career…

…I’ve experienced ONE person getting upset at me for following up.


The rest of them have said “Thank you for following up. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back with you.”

Following up shows potential clients that you care about them, and that you’re not just looking for an ‘easy dollar’.

Following up shows potential clients that you care about them, and that you’re not just looking for an ‘easy dollar’.”

So remember, your client will probably be glad you followed up.

Mindset #6 “I don’t want to be pushy!”

You’re NOT “being pushy” when you follow up.

The potential client said they WERE interested, or you wouldn’t follow up.

If they say “No, I’m not interested” and you don’t take “no” for an answer…

…THEN You’re being pushy (That’s not follow up.).

If they say no to coaching, there’s no reason to follow up.

When you follow up, you are leading the client to change the course of their life while they still can.

The open door of transformation doesn’t STAY OPEN forever.

In fact, after the kind of breakthrough your client likely got from you in their Discovery Session…

…that door slams shut pretty quick, if your client doesn’t walk through it.

Then they have to go through the same rigamarole just to open that door again.

Think of your coaching as your clients ‘last chance for gas’...

…before entering a desert of ‘no support’…

…and ‘no transformation’.

If a hurricane is coming, the authorities warn us to evacuate.

Follow up does the same thing for your potential clients…

It reminds them that they still don’t have the support they need from you…

…until they enroll into coaching.

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If transformation doesn’t happen for them NOW, what are the consequences?

Tough times?


The truth? YOU HAVE NO IDEA how bad it might be without your help.

Neither do they.

Don’t you want to assist them to transform today, if you can?

Then decide in advance what kind of follow up you’re committed to, so your own fear or limiting beliefs don’t get in the way.

We are coaches.

We bring HUGE value to clients by supporting them to raise their standards for themselves.

Clients need SOMEONE to remind them not to settle for less in their life.

If that ‘someone’ isn’t their Coach…

…then who is it going to be?

Probably NOBODY.

YOU are that ‘don’t settle’ voice for your client.

Continue to do your part.

Care enough to follow up.

Care enough to follow up.”

Care enough to support your client in making the best decision for their future.

You’re not being pushy…

…you’re being a leader.

…you’re being their coach.

Kristoffer “Follow up Forever” Thompson

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