Communicating The Value of Your Coaching

I recently worked with a burnt out health coach who complained… “I’m tired of working so hard and getting paid very little.” “I’ve had it with my clients' apathy around coaching, and hearing ‘no’ and ‘I’ll get back to you’ again and again.” “Kris, I’m failing in my coaching practice.” I told her, “Not true. You’ve only failed to show clients that your coaching is valuable.” She said, “How am I supposed to show the value??” ME: “Your clients have to get a blood test in order … [Read more...]

Why is Your Client Uncoachable?

Where do you draw a line in the sand… ...when it comes to whether or not your client is coachable? If a client paid you for coaching… ...they are, by definition, coachable. At least that’s what I believe. Some clients are a blast to coach… ...and almost effortless to make a difference for. But what about the clients who miss their calls... up late... ...don’t take action... ...complain and argue with you? These clients are so tough, that when you end the … [Read more...]

How Coaches Get Past Bad Days

Ever had a ‘Bad Hare Day’? Robert Deyber is an artist who created a series of paintings depicting a rabbit with a very bad attitude. At first glance I didn’t think much of these paintings… ...until I realized that we all have ‘Bad Hare Days’. Dark days when the ‘Bad Hare’ in you wants to... ...tie up Whistler’s Mother… ...deface the Mona Lisa… ...or break a Ming vase. On one of my own Bad Hare Days… ...I called Jeffrey Sooey in tears. I was ready to … [Read more...]

Five Good Coaching Skills & Qualities Every Coach Needs

Five Good Coaching Skills & Qualities Every Coach Needs

Good life coaches are high in demand, but to be an effective coach, you need to have a diverse set of good coaching skills to complete the package. Among the essential skills, every coach needs are strong organizational and people skills. Good Coaching Skills – Skills You Need Having good organizational and people skills is harder to master than learning theoretical coaching concepts, but is a requisite for long-term, effective success. Here are five good coaching skills and attributes … [Read more...]