5 Fool-Proof Coaching Techniques for a Recession


What type of coaching techniques can we offer during this recession? Recession? Yes, and it’s overdue. People have been spending too much and saving too little, for too long. As a nation we are up to our chins in debt. We are going to have to learn how to prioritize spending. And this is a great opportunity for coaches to provide value and step up as leaders.

Fear and Anxiety are powerful, yet very different emotions. Fear is good for you. Fear saves lives. Fear gets you to run away from a charging bull down a narrow street in Pamplona. Anxiety keeps people awake at night, causes health problems, and keeps organizations from taking action until it is too late.

Who is better at helping people move past anxiety during a recession?

A doctor who can give you medication, so you won’t feel it…

Psychologists who will help you discover why you have anxiety…

Or a coach, who will help you move through the fear so you don’t get mauled by a bear market!

Market share. Look I’m not the only one who thinks 2009 may be a tough year economically. People are going to spend less money, and shop for deals. But wherever some people are loosing money others are making money. More people became millionaires during the Great Depression than in any other era in U.S. history. What coaching techniques do you already have that can not only help people capture existing market share, but create new markets?

Attitude. We can help people see that they can position themselves to be a powerless victim or a winner. Assessment tools can be very valuable in helping people find out where they are. So much opportunity can be lost with a poor attitude. Can coaches help? Of course! We are the experts. Powerful coaching techniques can include getting to the point where we truly understand the client, and then BEcome the client…then by using outside perspective we can help cause transformation or shifts in attitude.

Goal setting. Helping out clients set goals that are in-line with their values will help them stay motivated and on course. Simple, but not always done.

Efficiency. Often people are busy running around a tree, and at the end of the day be no further toward their goal. Just tired, worn out and frustrated. Now is the time to help people trim off the unproductive “fat” and take a “leaner” approach to getting into action. Helping clients develop a strategy and plan, then provide accountability coaching and help them take action on the most powerful steps toward their goal.

Who do you need to BE this year, to really make a powerful difference in people’s lives during this recession? What coaching techniques to you need to develop or to refine to be a leader? Take this opportunity to make 2009 a very happy new year!

What are your best anti-recession coaching techniques? Share them with us in your comments below!

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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